Introduction To Law For Accountants

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Law For Accountants


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Assignment Criteria

LO1: Identify the principle rules  governing the operation of the English  Legal System and Business Law. The  latter includes such topics as,  Contract Law, the Law of Tort,  Employment Law and Agency.

LO2: Undertake legal research, as  process which requires initiative and  logical organisation in order to  produce a competent legal argument.

LO3: relate knowledge of English  Law to help solve legal problems set  within a real-life contextual setting.

Assignment Brief:

Simon, a commercial traveller, when visiting potential clients in Exeter,  regularly stayed at the Excelsior Hotel. On the back of his bedroom door there  was a notice stating that, 'neither the hotel, not its management or  employees, shall be liable for any personal injury, loss or other damage to  guests or their property howsoever caused'. 

On arrival at the hotel on the last occasion Simon allowed his car to be parked  by the porter who, whilst driving it negligently, backed it into a concrete post,  causing severe damage to the rear offside wing of the car. Simon, on being  informed of this incident, went to inspect the damage but tripped on a loose  piece of carpet on the stairs fracturing his right arm. 

On leaving hospital and having inspected his car at the local garage, Simon  decided to have a few days' holiday to recover from his trauma. He rang up  and booked at the luxurious Red Lion Hotel in Windermere. Arriving at the  hotel he found the reception extremely busy with a coach party. Whilst waiting  he read a notice headed 'Terms and Conditions' on the wall. Clause 3 stated  that the hotel would not be liable for any losses caused to a client by virtue of  the hotel being overbooked. When Simon's turn in the queue came he was  told that the hotel could not offer him any accommodation. Simon protested  that he had booked in advance but this was to no avail, the manager pointing  out the clause in the terms and conditions. 

Advise as to whether the exemption clauses will prevent Simon from  being successful in his actions against the Excelsior and Red Lion  Hotels.

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Assignment Solution


The given case study on exemption clauses has the following components:

  • Actions against Excelsior: This will be analysed using English Tort law.
  • Action against Red Lion Hotels: This will be analysed using English contract law and unfair contract terms act of 1977.

In this report, the different English legal laws will be discussed which are applicable to the two cases against Excelsior and Red Lion Hotels.

Action against Excelsior

The case against Excelsior can be analysed with English Tort law, specifically related to negligence.

The hotel had clearly mentioned in the back of the bedroom door that the hotel would not be responsible for any losses due to injury or any damage caused to the property of the customer. The customer, Simon faces the following losses and damages:

  1. Damage to the car caused due to negligence of the Porter.
  2. Injury due to accidentally falling on the stairs.

While the first damage was caused due to negligence of Porter employed by the hotel but the second damage was completely accidental. As the injury caused was purely accidental, Simon cannot claim liability for the injury. However, as Porter was employed by the hotel, and the damage was due to negligence of Porter, the exemption clause can't prevent Simon from winning the case against Excelsior.

English Tort law can be used to analyse the current case. The English Tort law is a law that governs inherent civil authorities that people need to know in order to oppose specific obligations laid out in agreements (Treitel, 2003). It gives legal remedies, i.e. pay money to those who have been harmed due to the negligence of the other person and fail to meet these inherent responsibilities. Unlike criminal law, it mostly deals with the responsibility of individuals to the state where a court has the right to prohibit the freedoms of people.

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