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IT Research Proposal – Comparative Technology Analysis

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Word Count

3000 words


Information Technology


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Assignment Criteria

Write a research proposal on comparative technology analysis?

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Assignment Solution

Executive Summary

CloudReach being a growing enterprise is experiencing the need for more flexibility, reliability and diversification. For the purpose of enhancing the connectivity and productivity of remote workers and to reduce the communication expenses, the company would need to shift to SSL VPN instead of IPsec based VPN connectivity. The report elaborates on the crucial decisions, recommendations and change management plan to attain this transformation. Similarly, Goldman Sachs with its rising expenses on dedicated MPLS based WAN resources, can also switch to a low cost option of hybrid WAN. The idea would be to effectively segregate the applications based on business criticality and need for reliability and support. This report recommendations the considerations and approach which needs to be adopted by Goldman Sachs to achieve the desired changes.

Cloud Reach

Current setup and changing needs

Traditionally the company has been making use of VPN to allow the branch offices to have secure access to the company resources. This set up of VPN is currently serving as a cost-effective and feasible solution in a number of ways(Ferrigni, 2003).

  • Firstly, It is helping the company to allow for secured access to a number of users, based on a system which can effectively control the access rights
  • It is helping to enhance the productivity of the remote workers
  • It is allowing for reduction in communication costs and promoting more flexibility.

The current arrangement occurring within the company to facilitate the VPN is in the form of IPsec VPN as shown in Figure 1 given below. This method of VPN requires that an end user should have a VPN client software installed in his system. The user makes use of the internet to reach the company firewall and starts the process of key Exchange(Phifer, 2012). After the authentication has been done, the VPN tunnel or pipe is created and either of the two options, tunnel and transport are run. In the transport mode only the transport layer part of the packet undergoes encryption, whereas in the tunnel mode the entire packet undergoes encryption. The strength of this method is that it provides a significant level of reliability with regard to confidentiality and integrity. By making use of universal cryptographic standards like MD5 SHA, or 3DES it allows a robust encryption. Figure 1 below illustrates the current method of IPsec VPN(Phifer, 2012).

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