Learning Experience In Mental Health Care

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Write a reflective essay on Learning Experience In Mental Health Care

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Reflection is apprehensive with the thinking and intentional viewing at experiences, analyzing the actions engrossed, feedbacks invoked by the situation and reactions transpired, then construing or evaluating them to learn from them. In order to simplify this process, several models such as Gibbs and John's model are used  (Gibbs 1988; Johns and Graham 1996; Mezirow 2000). According to Gibbs’ reflective cycle (1988), it was employed to create a decisive reflection on an aspect in the practising development project and tries to prove its contribution towards acquiring close and logical aspect of the development. Even if one of the more vital models selected, it was considered a direct process and offered a repeated structure to guide reflective practice. On watching the video about psychosis, this essay has critically reflected on several learning outcomes based on reflective models. Experiences have affected upon on me about the understanding of the care of a person experiencing mental distress. The essay appraised the event with a focus on the implication of my learning and my future professional practice.


I positioned as the nurse consultant for mental health services meant for aged people at the time of development, and the actual nature of my duty involves the clinical supervision of this unit. It was obvious from the response from health care workers and relatives that information was not available voluntarily at all times; care was not focused on the person and statement made by staff could be improved.


Conventionally, the stress in mental health care was importantly dependent on focusing the physical requirement of a person (Hunnisett 2011). The aspect of prioritizing works in connection with little ones like washing, dressing, feeding and toileting, attention must be paid to the psychological welfare of an individual. Certain aspects of these old cultures had referred to two old zones and were completely changed into the new unit. It was obvious that the way in which the patients had set the bath days and their nightdresses was to fit the needs of the staffing. In contrast to this, the new culture of care, suggesting the blow of this social environment that constitute a ‘malignant social psychology’, in accordance with that the style in which care was conveyed had the power to support either of the two, i.e. independence or cultivating vulnerability, and to promote the welfare or bring on lack of health. Such conceptual designs are strange to several staff (Hunnisett 2011).


A proper beginning was to locate a path for getting the health workers together under a safety network to gather credulous associations and make a successful working team. Means and ways followed for employing the staff who were working from the beginning itself. It was proved effective with the workers cooperating and coordinating in the action plans that include the relatives and patients as well. Executing biographical work is an example that was initiated by the nursing auxiliaries after delivering training by the Reminiscence Network (Shaw et al., 2008). Nonetheless, the practicalities are likely to affect the successful execution of the action plans practised in the workshops. I understand the plight of the stuff; hence I took the responsibility and ownership for carrying forwarding voluntarily.

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