Linguistics Case Study Question and Answers

by Bella Williams November 28, 2016

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Linguistics Case Study

Consideration-  Most of you are Millennials.  Some of you may fall in the Gen X or Generation Z, the group after the Millennials.  A Resemblance Essay asks you to simply compare one thing to another.  The comparison, often an analogy, has a persuasive effect when considering what you are comparing it to.  This happens by explaining particular points of the analogy to specific points of your prompt.


First, after defining your generation, again, most will be Millennials, consider a song, book, or movie that best illustrates, in a persuasive way, specific lines/passages that support your definition of a Millennial.

Second, think back to your first essay in which you were asked to consider your future and your values.  Again, think of a second song, book, or a movie that supports some transition in your life. Define and describe this transition, such as going to college, and a song, book, or movie that best fits the definition of this time in your life.  You must use lines/passages and dialogue with those passages.

Third, conclude by comparing your transitional self to your defined Millennial.  How do you fit…How do you not fit?

Lastly, in your conclusion, discuss how the media of art, being song, stories, movies, etc., play a role in how we interact with the world at large.  How is this a reflection of the Millennials?

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Example Answer

An exploration into the way of life led by Thoreau is the basis of this essay. It is on  the basis of the work, that the life in the woods led by Thoreau is assessed and evaluated against the life of the author of the essay on various aspects. Which provides an opportunity to extend a cost and benefit analysis of the mode of life being led. Through Walden’s journey, Thoreau has narrated and discussed the challenges of life experienced due to economic constraints faced in the woods, and then explored how spirituality has gained importance in life. It has been further discussed that the living expenditure significantly increases because of the challenges experienced in the woods, that is a life of isolation (Thoreau 46) Self-reliance and a call for simplicity blends in this literary piece which explains the ways in which most men work. The objective of the work can be established from the words of Thoreau as, “… to use the words of the catechism, is the chief end of man, and what are the true necessities and means of life” (Thoreau 10). The essay majorly extends by an analysis of three identified clauses. Firstly, based on evidences from Walden, as given by Thoreau, and use of Consumer Expenditure Report, 2013, the personal living plans would be analyzed against probable views by Thoreau. Secondly, a detailed comparative analysis of Thoreau’s economy against consumer expenditure survey as is given by the US Department of labor. And thirdly, an analysis of Thoreau’s ideas of economy against the contemporary modes of life. With all the above mentioned areas of discussion, the essay would extend to present a correlation or difference being experienced by the author during his stay in college for a post-graduate course.

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Based on analysis of Cost and Expenditure report,2013 an obvious slowdown in expenditure based on income quintile is observed in 2013 (Consumer Expenditure in 2013 6). The cost and expenditure report has discussed the various expenditure sections in which the price of commodity increases and how the same impacts the spending habit of the consumer. Based on the report analysis, I would use inputs from the report to plan my budget during and after I complete the post-graduation. It has been studied that the spending power of the consumer decreased in 2013 in comparison to other years. People were forced to pay higher tax on their income (Consumer Expenditure in 2013 1). People however focussed their spending on basic items and reduction in expenditures on housing and gasoline. When the report is judged against the Principles of Thoreau which prominently brings out the absence of a requirement in luxuries, the expenditure report promotes an understanding to spend on basic needs like food and manage a simple living as has been promoted by Thoreau. Hence, after exploring the struggles and challenges of life in the wood and after collecting inspiration from the economic report on change in the pattern of consumer expenditure I would try to develop a balanced approach towards life and would like to continue my job in the oil company, which I had left for the purpose of completion of the course. Along with a hike in the previous payment received would make my average salary enough to earn a basic living with proper food, shelter and clothes. In addition, I will be receiving a promotion and different job title. Though the competitive world and the environment would act as an opposing force, I would try to admit initially, in lines of Thoreau as explained by that “The tops of the mountains are among the unfinished parts of the globe, whether it is a slight insult to the gods to climb and pry into the secrets, and try their effect on our humanity. Only daring and insolent men, perchance, go there (Thoreau 47)

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The ideas of life chosen by Thoreau, based on “Walden” has been used to analyze against the mode of living I would prefer to spend after my immediate completion of post-graduation. But, considering the aspect presented by Thoreau in “Economy”, a very prominent shift in his thoughts could ideologically be presented in his exclaiming his life at Walden to be a temporary experiment and not a commitment for the lifetime. He also considers the situation of Walden not to be ideal (Thoreau 59). Based on the idea shift, I would like to consider it in the next phase of my life when along with the job I would reconsider a master’s degree to rise in my career. At this juncture a question that can be brought out is the value that can be considered “enough”, but both the literatures fail to give a quantifiable quantity that would help define an appropriate budget considering the leaps in value of money over time.

The discussion further focused on exploring human behavior in connection to availability and accessibility of comfort, luxury and other expensive tools amidst the urban set up. On the contrary, after studying chapter 1 it is clear that material resources are only needed when an individual aims at meeting a specific purpose of his life. Material fulfillment, however, does not offer complete happiness or fails to lead to spiritual happiness, instead focuses on limiting life to economic satisfaction (Consumer Expenditure in 2013 17). When life is controlled by economic choices or financial condition of an individual, the pattern of consumer expenditure alters significantly. The survey of consumer expenditure has brought into light that Americans have focussed only spending on products to make their life easy, happy and comfortable. The consumers have eliminated the alternative approaches of living from their life. This is strange and could damage the inner self of the entire generation.  It is here I believe that the society could plan and emphasis on small elements of life and promote spiritual ways to ensure the growth of a healthy community and happy population.  In this respect, I would further refer to a point raised by Thoreau on alternative economy that was a defined framework for inquiry which enabled each individual to apply the approach in life and understand about spiritual fulfillment over material expectation (Thoreau 10).

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In ‘Economy’ Thoreau detailed about how he has decided to live near a pond and distinguished between the inner man and the external individual who has constantly struggled between materialism and labor issue to live in the woods. It is thus an approach that helped me, explore beyond stereotyped environment where resources and economic satisfaction such as comfort, luxury and expensive tools play a significant role in daily lives. The entire discussion has helped me to understand several aspects of life and reawakened my senses, which I should remember the rest of my life. Though all such analysis fails to quantify the “how much” as has been posed by Bill McKibben, yet the materialistic aspect could be identified to be the “problem” that lies at the base of fulfillment issues in America. I have hence understood, that a man should elevate his life by indulging to conscious endeavor against materialism. Also, a constant change in lifestyle and mode is expected to survive under the fittest situation. It is, however, not a piece to prove that I would benefit from leading an economically simple life, instead it helped me in understanding a deeper meaning of life which lies beyond the boundaries of material satisfaction and this could be achieved by learning ways of adjustment and management within available resources or with the help of limited economic support. It is an experiment of a spiritual impulse that have created ripples within me.

Based on analysis of the various works of Thoreau, discussed above, it can be said a journey of life is not simple nor is it free from challenges, yet it has to be embraced as it unfolds. I, therefore, believe that after going through the piece I have been able to develop a deep understanding of the ways in which the life can be led and also explored how the economy impacts people, especially after a person joins the professional world or starts a family life. The learnings would be implemented from time to time when planning my livelihood under different situations. In short, it could be culminated here that, besides imparting education the entire journey of the post-graduation course was enriching and inspiring. Every aspect of the course helped with adequate development and prepared me to face the challenges of the professional world. I have learnt several techniques of survival and understood that economy and resources are a part of life and not the life itself. Hence a spiritually rich life, is what can be promoted, based on understanding and learning from the texts and controlling on excessive materialistic approach by attaining a simple living. Such a positive yet enriching approach will help me in achieving both happiness and success in life in both personal and career fronts.

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