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Management Competency In An Internal Process Model

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Business Management


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Assignment Criteria


This assignment aims to develop students' understanding of the Internal Process management model through the integration of theory and practice. Additionally, it continues to further develop the skill of reflective practice, which students were introduced to in assignment 1. 


Students are to write a reflective essay (max 750 words) which details how one of the Internal Process Management Competencies (MCs) has been 'experienced' in the workplace. As part of this task students should clearly and accurately identify how their experience of the chosen MC is consistent with the characteristics of the Internal Process model. 

Note: students need not have direct involvement with the management competency but simply observed its development, implementation or outcome in an organisational setting.

Students with no workplace experience on which to base their essay will need to identify and interview someone who can provide the required first-hand insight. A friend or family member would be suitable for this purpose.

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Assignment Solution


The strengths of the company are reflected in the way it runs. The internal process model reflects the values of structural control and internal focus. This essay is a first-hand experience of my friend who is working with Coca-Cola and how he organised the flow of information competencies in seeking a stable organisation (Bucur, 2013).

Management Competency in an Internal Process Model: Organizing Information Flow

My friend has been working with Coca-Cola from the last five years as a general manager. It is his duty to run all the processes of the company smoothly to achieve the targets of the company and achieve effective organisation. In his second year, the company decided to launch a new product in the Australian market that was a combination of the taste of Coca-Cola and coffee. To achieve the organisational goal efficiently, my friend used his competency of organising the information flow and achieved success using it. I gained knowledge from him as to how this competency can be effectively used in managing the internal process management of the company (Hearn and Choi, 2013).

The company targeted to make the 'Coffeela' a famous drink amongst the youth. It was necessary that all the employees were clear with the roles and responsibilities they need to fulfil to achieve the organisational goal. It is a leader’s duty to provide correct information to the employees and the information or suggestions coming from employees reach the directors (Holt, Rutherford and Clohessy, 2007).

Using his competency skills, he managed the flow of information in the organisation. To start with, he collected all the information from his head and called a meeting of his team members, and told them the plan and target that company had set for the new product and its launch. It was necessary that all the employees understand their role perfectly so that they could give their hundred percent output to work. He explained the whole process to the employees. Once he had endorsed the group, he had individually explained to the person what needs to be done by him. After this, he asked each of them to explain what they understood and or any question they had about the work expected from them (Breaugh, 2011).

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