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Management Issue Proposal- User Resistance in IT Enterprises

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Word Count

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Business Management Report


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Assignment Criteria


You are now required to write a proposal. The proposal, using evidence from literature, will outline the issue in greater detail and propose possible solutions for how the problem could be resolved within the context you identified, including strengths and weaknesses. Following this, the proposal will make a recommendation for a particular solution.

Proposal Structure

The following is a guide (from Forsyth, 2010) for how you might structure your proposal:

  1. Setting out the situation: What is the topic? What is the problem? Why is it a problem?
  2. Describe the implications: What are the effects or potential effects of this problem? What are the implications for the context you have identified?
  3. Review the possibilities: What solutions are available? What have others done? What are their strengths and weaknesses? If implemented, how might they be evaluated?
  4. Make a recommendation: Be assertive! Out of the possible solutions you've identified, recommend one you feel could provide the greatest positive impact on the problem and discuss why you have chosen it and why others should choose it.

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Assignment Solution


This report is an attempt to have an in-depth study of user resistance in the large scale IS implementations. With the help of review of literature, theoretical explanations of user resistance have been developed. An attempt has been made to find out the various reasons for user resistance, find out its effects and implications. In addition, various solutions have been discussed which are used by organizations to avoid user resistance and make IS implementations more acceptable to users. Few recommendations have been suggested which will have a positive impact on this particular problem. The study has been supported by the theoretical perspectives of user resistance by various researchers.

1.    Introduction:

1.1  Overview of the problem

As a result of fast growing technological advancement and changing work practices, change has become an integral part of the organizations. (Burnes, 2004)There are many organizations which embrace change, but it has been observed thatmost of the change and programs won't have been able to achieve what is expected in the form of outcomes (Balogun, 2004). The reason which can be attributed to this failure is the resistance to change. According to Fine (1986), 'Human beings tend to resist change even when change represents growth and development—greater efficiency and productivity.'

What might be the reason for the resistance? Probably people cannot deal with what is not known to them. Resistance to change is defined as the powers which try to oppose the change in organizations. (Mullins, 1999)Almost five decades ago the theoretical concept of change resistance came into being. Various researchers have put forward different viewpoints about resistance to change. Few researchers suggested that there is a natural human tendency to do what is familiar to them rather than trying unknown.(Coch& French, 1948, Tichy, 1983). (Oreg, 2003), pointed out that resistance to change can be attributed to the personality type.

There has been a substantial amount of research which has dealt with the concept of change resistance. According to Kurt Lewin (1947), ' based on the person as a complex energy field in which all behavior could be conceived of as a change in the same state of field' (Coch, 1948), found out that change resistance is a grouping of an employee response to frustrations which is supported by peer groups in organizations.

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