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Managing Information System Assignment 1

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Word Count

2500 words


3 Days

Assignment Criteria

For this assignment you will have to prepare a paper that critically discusses how organisations apply the strategic use of IS/IT to achieve competitive advantage. Some aspects and issues you may discuss in your paper could include (but are not limited to): 

  • Discuss at least one (1) successful and one (1) unsuccessful example of the use of IS/IT for gaining or enhancing competitive advantages. 
  • Highlight some success factors for the successful example. 
  • What are some lessons learned (i.e. what went wrong) for your unsuccessful example? • Suggest some internal (e.g. organisational, individual, and management factors) and external factors (e.g. market, industry, social, economic, technological and political/policy factors) influencing the success or failure of organisations' attempts at gaining and enhancing competitive advantages. Are internal factors more important than external factors? Or the other way around? 
  • How can competitive advantages gained via IS/IT be sustained? 

You should apply relevant knowledge discussed in your unit. You should prepare for this assignment by reviewing the literature (i.e. by using ProQuest 5000 database at and searching the World Wide Web (i.e. via Google). You should show evidence that you have read at least 10 references, which must be published after January 2011, in the literature (including references from academic and professional publications) to prepare this assignment. A variety of references are expected including books, refereed journals, case studies, newspapers, magazines and electronic references.

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Assignment Solution


The potential helpfulness of various types of “Information System (IS)” for environmental management is recognized. Maybe it can say in data purchasing have motivated companies to try to create IS or “Information Technology (IT)” techniques that interrelate with their company techniques and which together support company tasks. The three common types of IS that are created and utilize are relevant cash frameworks, practical structures, and basic components. All around synchronized cash corresponding components and functional structures may well turn into the crucial situations for a particular company (Madadipouya, 2015). 

The SIS ('Strategic IS') offers a connection some advice about getting a “Competitive Advantage” through its persistence for the primary goals of a company and its opportunity to ultimately develop performance and productivity. The SIS encourages companies to increase “Competitive Advantage” and to benefits significantly to the hindrance of those that are vulnerable to targeted obstacle. They said “Competitive Advantage” in the digital economic system is even more crucial than in the old economic system. The effect of the revered economic system is modern for a few companies. Ongoing changes in improvements and marketplaces and the existence of new plans of action can present extreme changes in industry framework, and the way of competition can take appropriate steps swiftly. In the meanwhile, the innovative economic system has not modified the center business of most companies. For most businesses, Internet enhancements just offer machines, in some cases, extreme equipment can develop their success through their traditional wellsprings of “Competitive Advantage” be that convenience, spectacular customer management, or prevalent manufacturing system administration (Gandellini, et al., 2013).

Successful Example of the Use of IS/IT

Innovative companies are gradually seen as details based projects in which practical learning management is crucial for strength. One of the distinct discovery factors in recent years is evaluation about important IS, and its viewpoints and venture management software are modified substantially throughout the last decade. One of the main factors in a targeted atmosphere is details management, and companies for achieving the Aggressive Benefits ought to generate in IS. It has an important aspect of the business function and financial and non-monetary perspective, for example, choice making as a main issue with management. It also was thought to be symbolic of company details managing and considered some back-room function in support of common daily tasks. One of the magnificent and conspicuous samples of effectively actualizing open advancement technique is “Mozilla Corporation.” It has widely depended on outer individuals who are a more extensive gathering of volunteers outside the firm for original thoughts, improvement of items, and choice making. The outside patrons are much bigger than that of internal people (Grant, et al., 2012).

Introduction of the Organization

Mozilla is unique about other “Open Source Projects” for various reasons, yet primarily because Mozilla was outed beyond any confining influence Source group from a private, restrictive undertaking. Netscape still holds an in number enthusiasm for Mozilla’s improvement. The code is free. Open Source has advantages past the “AoD: responsibility, oversight, and effort.” Mozilla has picked up accountability and monitoring through the source discharge, and from that, they have found admiration in the web improvement group. They have bested their rivals around there, and the main way those organizations can take leeway is by discharging their source too. Mozilla has gone above and beyond, be that as it may, by opening up their bug reporting framework so that anybody can contribute a bug report or a fix. IE and Opera will need to address this issue on the off chance that they hope to contend in an open way with (Mozilla, 2015). 

Successful Factors

The factors which make the company successful are as follows (Sidorova, et al., 2013):

Adequately dealing with the method of support:  Support method is an important part of success. This factor should be handled properly for achieving organizational success.

Adjusting internal and external employees and volunteers: A huge part of the company is employees. If the organization is able to handle the employees properly, then the workforce of employees will help the company to achieve success. In this scenario, there is another factor, which is external volunteers. They help the organization from outside to achieve the ultimate goal.

Having straightforward and appropriated decision making procedure: The Company's success always depends on a firm and proper decision. The management should take a straightforward and appropriate decision to achieve success for the organization.

Open administration style:

If the organization's administration procedure is rigid, the association becomes very loose. So always to maintain the success, the organization should follow the open administration which gives a border and a safer view to employees. Then, employees will be very interested to be a part of the success achieving.

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