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Managing The Employee Relationship

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Assessment Type

Course Work

Word Count

3000 words


6 Days

Assignment Criteria

The module is assessed by coursework. A short assignment worth 30% of the overall module mark is to be submitted on 7th April, and a second assignment worth 70% is to be submitted on 22nd May

The purpose of the relative low weighting of the first assignment is to give you some feedback and help you to do well in the second larger piece of work

Both the assignments should be presented in basic report style. This means in appropriate formal writing style, with contents page, sections and subsections, a clear introduction and conclusion etc. Some guidance on report style is given in at the student guide. You will see on the marking criteria that some marks will be allocated to presentation so make sure that your work is checked for spelling and grammar and is well laidout

To undertake these assignments you will need to carry out library research and read beyond the main text. You must use relevant literature in your reports to show the sources of your material and to provide evidence to support your arguments. This must be referenced correctly using the Harvard format, and a bibliography provided. You may exceed the word limit by 10% without penalty.

Assignment 2 (approximately 3,000 words

You have been asked to give advice to the management of a manufacturing organisation (employing approx one thousand employees) in the production of upmarket food products, mostly sweet and savoury biscuits. The production operators – food processing and packing – are represented by UNITE which has approx 70% membership of this group. UNITE has been recognised for collective bargaining for a number of years and shop floor reps are involved in representation of their members in discipline & grievance processes, but management has tried to contain or ignore the TU presence as far as possible. Due to competitive pressures there is now a strategic need to increase employee flexibility, quality and productivity and management have been considering the possible advantages of a partnership agreement with UNITE. Produce a report for management which outlines the possible benefits and drawbacks of this, identifies the implications for management, recommends whether or not they should pursue this and advises them on the key requirements for success in practice.

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Assignment Solution


An employee is a major strength of an organization. It is necessary that all the employees work together as one unit and contribute towards the success of the company by fulfilling the goals and objectives of the organization. It is very tough to work if the employees of the organization are not happy working with each other or they have any kind of ongoing conflict among them. The goals of the company can be achieved quickly if employee relationship is good and smooth between each other. This assignment aims at managing the employment relations. It also explains the need to increase employee flexibility, quality and productivity to work in a company. An employee relationship management is defined as the management of relations between various employees within an organization. This relationship can be between employee and employer, manager and employee or between the employees. The management of employee relationship helps to monitor and manage relations of individuals of the same team or a different team. It helps to enhance the bond between them and makes sure that every employee is satisfied and has healthy relations with everyone around (Gennard, 2011). This report further explains the relationship between management and trade union UNITE, advantages and disadvantages of partnership and success factors of partnership to work. The company chosen for discussion is United Biscuits. The company manufactures MC Vitie's biscuits, Jucob's cream crackers, and twiglets. It has headquarters in London. The company was formed in 1948 by the merger of two Scottish family businesses. MC Vitie and Price and Mac Farlane Lang.


External impact on the employment relationship depends on three factors namely, stability, complexity and dispersed. United Biscuits is stable as it changes from time to time in order to move on with new innovations and creativity in the products manufactured by them. They make biscuits of various tastes that are liked and cherished by children, young people, and old people. This is a complex issue in United Biscuits as it is a large company employing more than 1000 employees. It has a huge chain of suppliers, buyers, and products. The company is scattered in various countries that are the reason it having a large number of external factors that are imposed on it. Various external factors include economic factors, political factors, legal factors, social factors, environmental factors and ethical factors. As per the employment relation bill, it is essential to bring changes in trade unions and is the right of both workers and employers (Wood, 2008). All the factors mentioned above play an important role in the success of the organization. It focuses on laws related to employment, taxation and exchange rate. United biscuits follow changes made in the act of employment as mentioned below:

  1. Public Holidays
  2. Overtime
  3. Normal working hours
  4. Tea breaks
  5. Meal breaks
  6. Meal allowances
  7. Transportation facility
  8. Leaves

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