Marketing And Survey Research

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Word Count

2500 words


Market Research


3 Days

Assignment Criteria


This assessment requires your analysis of a real-world case. You are to design a  research strategy for THE UNIVERSITY case, which has been posted to Blackboard. Your research proposal should not be written as an academic essay, but in a  business style as if you were a marketing research firm pitching for this contract.  However, you must still reference the sources used to justify your assertions.  

Use 1.5 line spacing, and either ARIAL or TIMES NEW ROMAN 12 point font. You  are not required to answer the questions listed on page 819. Instead, your research  proposal should be structured as follows: 

  1. In your own words, outline the management decision problem (MDP)  statement/question, the marketing research problem (MRP)  statement/question, and research objectives. Provide a brief rationale for your  MDP and MRP (2 pages maximum). 
  2. Describe your proposed research design, utilising mixed methods (qualitative  and quantitative), to address the MRP (3 pages maximum). 
  3. Provide a sample of your data collection instrument, such as a focus group  moderator's guide or a questionnaire. You do not need to prepare an entire  questionnaire. Provide examples of the type of questions recommended to  address your research objectives (1 page maximum).
  4. Describe your proposed sampling plans, data collection procedures, and data  analysis techniques, for both your qualitative and quantitative stages (2 pages maximum). 
  5. Acknowledge the key limitations of your research design (1 page maximum). 


This section of your report is not in any way related to the case study information.  Rather, it has been included to enable you to demonstrate to the reader your ability  as a marketing researcher to undertake data analysis. From the SPSS data file  'AMN403 Assessment 3 data set – Semester 2 – 2015', which has been uploaded to  Blackboard, undertake and report the following data analyses (2 pages maximum): 

  1. Independent-samples t-test to determine any significant statistical  differences between international students and domestic students for  Question 5 items: 1 to 20. 
  2. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) to determine any significant statistical  differences by YEAR STARTED DEGREE for Question 5 items: 1 to 20. 
  3. Bivariate correlation coefficient matrix to identify any STRONG and  significant associations between item 20 and items 1 to 19. 

Please note Question 5 starts with: 'Using these numbers as a guide, please  circle one number for every one of the following statements….'. This question  then contains 20 statements.

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Assignment Solution


The present report will be indicating about the business report that has been prepared for a university after undertaking an in-depth research analysis. This study will help out the University for re- Assessment of their brand image within the marketplace of their operation. Further, Part B of the report has undergone analysis pertaining to a questionnaire that included independent sample t-test, ANOVA test and bivariate correlation coefficient matrix. 

Part A

1. Outline

The management decision problem 

The management of the university is not able to decide about their overall image within the marketplace. Even management is not able to undertake the decision regarding the expectation of the market segment from the university (Mackey & Gass, 2013). Further, management also wants to undergo comparison of their university from other universities and tertiary education providers. It has become essential for the university to undertake their decision in an appropriate manner for being sustainable within the market. However, management of the university needs to identify their problems such as improving the image of their university among the students for carrying out their management decision. This, in turn, will help them out to be sustainable within the market and to provide appropriate courses to the student undergoing their education in the university. The decision criteria that will be undertaken by management for going through their decision process will be based upon the quantitative results of the contract carried out by the marketing research firm. 

Marketing research problem 

In this respect, it has been identified that it is becoming a problem for the University in re-assessment of their branding, so that they are able to develop new communication strategies, such as advertising through social networking sites and positioning strategy for their university. It has been found that it will be difficult for the university to position and brand their university in a competitive marketplace (Noor, 2008). For the university, it will be crucial for identifying the right marketing strategy that they must apply for attracting greater students to their university. Even it will help management to lay down tough competition among the other competing universities within the market.

Research objectives

  • To study the overall image of the university within the marketplace
  • To understand the expectations of students from the university
  • To explore new communication and positioning strategy for the university


For the university management, it has become important to look after their overall image in the marketplace. It is because there are many private universities offering different courses to their students. Hence, it has become important for the university to look after their image within the competitive market (Thorne, 2008). It will be essential for the university to frame proper strategies in this regard as it will allow university management to undergo a proper decision-making process. Research also indicated that it has become a big issue for the universities for re-assessment of their brand. This aspect will be looked after so that the university is able to brand and position their university in a most significant manner(Gomm, 2008). It has become essential for the management to undergo an appropriate marketing strategy for attracting a larger number of students towards the courses offered by the university. Initiating this aspect will help the management in understanding their image within the market. Further, the management will be able to understand the expectations of the market segment from the university. Here, the university can frame their strategy entirely based upon the perception of the market segment (Mackey & Gass, 2013). Even it is going to explore new communication and positioning strategy that the university must undergo for achieving their objectives in an appropriate manner.

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