Marketing Audit Report Of Eurocycles in Australia

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Word Count

1500 words


Marketing Audit


4 Days

Assignment Criteria

We are supposed to prepare a Marketing Audit for a company called ' EuroCycles'?

The Marketing Audit include an analysis of the various stakeholders in the industry such as players competing in the market, the consumers , the suppliers and other co creators of the value. Through the further analysis of societal, technological, economic and other trend to able to conclude the client's strength and weaknesses well as opportunities and threats.

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Assignment Solution

Background/Introduction/Company Profile

Eurocycles are distributors and importers of premium E-bikes in Europe implementing the Bosch E-bike model including euro brands such as Gitane, Peugeot, Gepida. They are also distributors and importers of parts and accessories of the premium bicycle, such as Tubus, Hebie, and AXA (Eurocycle, 2015). They are the authorised Service Agent and Magura Distributor for Australia. The name gives to focus on their parts, accessories and bikes of origin in Europe. They are an independent Australian company for the promotion of general cycling in Australia. Eurocycles supplies parts, accessories and e-bikes to both retail and trade customers. They pride them on a potential service ethic. The listings of products are held within their own warehouse and are always available for quick delivery. The team of Eurocycles is passionate about deal and quality only with the famous reputable producers, those who are highly reputed for reliability and innovation. 

Business Mission 

The mission of Eurocycles is to ensure that innovation is used as an effective tool to foster opportunity for a healthier planet and encourage healthier living.

Business Values 

The business values of Eurocycle comprises of following:

  • Use innovation and deep industry knowledge to create a path-breaking solution.
  • Carry out business activities with honesty.
  • Rapidly adapt to the fast-changing business environment.
  • Create solutions which are sustainable and beneficial to mankind and the environment

Current and past strategies; resources, capabilities

Currently, the cash flow and budget of Eurocycles are very less. Hence, they are only focusing on AdWords, remarketing ads, SEO and social media (Eurocycle, 2015). The total budget of Eurocycles is around $5000 ($2000 for remarketing ads and AdWords and $3000 on SEO). 

Recent performance, activities and other things

Press events and social activities are an effective way to promote a brand's offering. Apart from free press events and few events based on an e-bike, Magura’s partners also sponsor for Eurocycles to promote the brand “Magura”. Bosch’s partners have a PR agency that sponsors for Bosch bike reviews and conveniently call to offer stock to participate in free press events (Eurocycle, 2015).

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