Marketing Performance For Barry’s Biscuits

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Assessment Type

Case Study

Word Count

600 words




2 Days

Assignment Criteria

Task : Your report for this semester is based around the evaluation of the marketing performance for 'Barry's Biscuits', which is a hypothetical brand of biscuits/cookies in a hypothetical market. In addition to this paper, you will be provided with a spreadsheet that contains additional data. 

Your task is to evaluate how the brand is performing. You will note that you have been provided with (later in this document) a review of the brand's performance by its hypothetical brand manager. This brand manager has provided a summary of the key highlights of the brand's performance over the last three years.

Using both the summary provided by the brand manager and the additional spreadsheet-based information, your task is to identify areas of good and poor performance. Please note that you are not required to outline a new strategy for the brand. You may highlight things that are working well or otherwise, in order to suggest marketing activities that should be continued, revised or discontinued.

As this is a hypothetical market and brand, there is no need to conduct any internet research or provide external references in your written report. Your final report should be only based upon the information provided.

During the classes, you will be exposed to various metrics and evaluation tools (including spreadsheet templates) that will enable you to undertake further analysis. It will be necessary to utilize Excel spreadsheets in your analysis 

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Assignment Solution


The assignment focuses on positive areas and opportunity areas of Barry Biscuit in terms of its image, awareness in the market and market segments. In this way, it tries to evaluate the market performance of this hypothetical company. 

Positive and opportunity areas of Barry Biscuit’s image:

Brand image is an important factor for any organization as having a good image in the market can help a firm to gain competitive advantage. The positive implication for Barry's Biscuit is that it has been able to establish itself as a trusted brand among the customers. The below perceptual map shows the current image of the company: 

From the perceptual map, it can be derived that the brand provides a wide choice to the customers, which has helped to create a good brand image. Further, by improving the quality and making the products convenient in size, the company has the opportunity to improve its brand image. 

Positive and opportunity areas of Barry Biscuit’s awareness

Awareness is generally about consumer awareness regarding a company or product.  The positive factor about Barry's Biscuit awareness is that from the very beginning of the establishment, the company is performing well in the market. The per-unit market share is static at 8.8. Even though the company is behind from competitors like Are-nots, Too-tasty, Choice Cookies and The Runways, it can be noted that in terms of market share, the firm is ahead of other competitors like Glenda's Glamours, Diet-licious and Super Select. It shows that Barry's Biscuit has been able to create a positive brand image which has helped the company to retain its market share. Within the competitive environment, the company has been able to achieve a total market share of 7.7.  The below image shows the relationship between marketing spend and awareness. 

It is visible that the total awareness is in proportionate with the advertising spend. In this context, there are opportunities for the firm to product awareness through different marketing tactics and actions like using social media, TV advertisement and marketing campaigns.

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