MNG82001 Human Resource Organisational Behaviour Reflective Case Study

by Dr. Alan October 09, 2018

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Drawing on your own personal experience, write a mini case-study (max 1500 words) on one of the following OB-related topics:

  • When Teamwork failed to meet its objective
  • The appropriate use of power in the workplace
  • Organisational Change

Following the case study, two questions should be posed which encourage the reader to examine and analyse different aspects of the case in close detail. Students should also provide a brief 200-300 word example answer for each question in order to demonstrate the potential learning outcomes of the case.

This assignment seeks to achieve 2 key learning outcomes.

Firstly, it seeks to develop a student’s awareness for the way in which ‘teamwork’, ‘power’ or ‘change’ is manifest in organisations.

Secondly, understanding workplace behaviour can be greatly informed by periodic ‘reflection’. Through this assignment, it is hoped that students recognise the value of setting aside time in their busy work schedule to reflect upon and analyse, issues that influence the behaviour of themselves and others in the workplace.


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“Peace in Paradise” is a small firm that came into existence in the early 2000s. The company made, sold and serviced pet caskets or coffins for the burial ceremonies of pets. The caskets were mainly designed for dogs and cats. Within two years of existence, the company gained popularity and a lot of customers in the United States came forward and began trying out their products and services.  The idea eventually appealed to the other countries as well. Companies from Argentina and Japan expressed their interest in getting into a joint venture with “Peace in Paradise”. In 2004, the deal was finally signed and the company was now a joint venture between companies from South America, United States, and Japan. The parent company appointed Mr. Carlos as the chairperson of the task force assigned to design the product line.  The South American and the Japanese company appointed personnel to the task force as well.

The Team

The Japanese company appointed Mr. Udai Imai, the assistant president of the original Japanese firm; as their representative to the task force. They also sent Mr. Amana Isao and Ms. Jia Takeshi as part of the delegation. The South American company sent Mr. Mauro Gomez and Mrs. Maria Bonilla as main members to the task force. They also appointed Mr. Patrick Suarez, the head of product design; as the representative. Apart from Mr. Carlos, United States had five more members including Richard Bush and Bob Texera who were co-directors of the company since its inception in 2000.

The Meeting

These members were selected after several rounds of interviews and good background check. They all had exceptional qualifications and impeccable professional records. Their expertise in the various domains of business was of great value to the firms. It was very thoughtful of them to take time away from their regular assignments and be a part of the joint venture. Carlos was very excited.
As the Chairperson of the task force, Mr. Carlos decided to know each and every member of the team personally and understand what each one has to bring to the table. He believed in respecting individual opinions and encouraging employees to work towards achieving the company’s ultimate goals. After a good introductory session with the team, Mr. Carlos decided to schedule an initial meeting to review all the developments of the venture and discuss how the idea of the joint venture came into existence. For this purpose, a meeting for 10:00 AM was fixed.

The members of the team had made up their mind that they would put forward every single idea that they had in mind and would leave no stone unturned in bringing the best to the table. The meeting began at 10:00 AM as promised. Mr. Carlos entered the conference room and after an initial greeting, the quickly began to speak about how the market was evolving and how competitors were slowly trying to bring in innovations to gain market share. He stressed upon the fact that the task force came into existence to develop the design parameters for the new product line. There was an increase in demand for the product worldwide and he did not want to miss any single opportunity in making this venture a success. After this initial discussion, he opened the meeting for suggestions and comments.


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