MNG82001 Organisational Behaviour Case Study on Use of Power

by Dr. Alan October 09, 2018

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With your own personal experience, write a case study on one of the OB-related topics:

  • When Teamwork failed to meet its objective
  • The appropriate use of power in the workplace
  • Organisational Change


This assignment seeks to achieve 2 key learning outcomes.

Firstly, it seeks to develop a student’s awareness for the way in which ‘teamwork’, ‘power’ or ‘change’ is manifest in organisations.

Secondly, understanding workplace behaviour can be greatly informed by periodic ‘reflection’. Through this assignment, it is hoped that students recognise the value of setting aside time in their busy work schedule to reflect upon and analyse, issues that influence the behaviour of themselves and others in the workplace.


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Structure and style of the Case-Study

The general aim is to write an interesting story which clearly illustrates a good lesson in Organisational Behaviour. It is important that the key concepts associated with the lesson are discussed in the case and that this information is presented in a logical manner (i.e. it is effectively ‘contextualised’ and the story has good ‘flow’).


This report will exhibit the case of abuse of power by a senior editor with the newly hired copy editor in the publishing company in New York. Being a part of that organization, I understand the clarity of this case and try to present the serious issues how power could be misused by senior staff in a different scenario. Michael a young lady joins publishing company for one of the companies journals, other than her there were seven more employees who joined the team of this journal, and John was the senior editor in the company (Smith, 2012). It was only a month for Michael to work in a publishing company when she went to a party with her colleagues after the office. Each one had a great time at the party, and when each one of them was leaving after the party, Michael hailed for a cab, when John offered to give a lift to her, and she accepted it. When John and Michael were inside the cab, John tried to make sudden aggressive sexual behavior with Michael. Michael pushed and shouted at him and told him to get out of the cab.

Next day, when Michael was back on work, the question was that how she will deal with John? And would the incident happen last night will impact her job? As John was her supervisor he might fire her from the job? John went to her and apologizes for his misbehavior done in the cab. After the apology made by John, Michael was quite relieved, and she decided that this incidence wouldn’t be pursued further. Michael decided as John has apologized to her, it’s of no use to reside on this incident, and as it’s only been a month in the company and she was just a beginner in politics of the company (Smith, 2012).

Everything might get okay if John wouldn’t have expressed apology for only one time and that too seriously with Michael, but he failed to do so, and each time he came in front of Michael he make the apology about car incident. This kind of regular apology brings Michael in an awkward position and this started annoying her. Sarcastically, all these apologies that were made by John were due to gain undue attention from Michael. When he first said apologize, Michael said it’s okay, but after constant apologies, Michael asked John to stop saying apology to her, as it brings her in an awkward position, and due to frustration, Michael confides to her co-workers about this ongoing dilemma, and even co-workers lost respect for John as their leader.

Although the incident happens in the cab was not in knowledge of every office staff, but John was afraid that their staff would come to know from the way he and Michael interacted. Meanwhile, Michael was tired of hearing John apologies, and started feeling uncomfortable; therefore, when editor position opened in another journal, she applied for that job and started working there (Beckett, 2012). Though John was not bothering her in her new position, at the same, she was not happy with her new job role, as the material of the journal was not interesting.



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