Moral Obligations Of Casinos Towards Society

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This is the Pokies Reform link. In this audio the topic of taxes for the gambling industry is discussed. In view of week four’s theme the corporation as a moral agent I want you to think about the government taxing and regulating the activities of casinos and other gambling such as the pokies. At one end of the continuum casinos argue that it is the choice of the individual whether he or she gambles and they are merely providing a service and form of entertainment. At the other end there are social welfare groups and community groups who argue that activities such as gambling erode community values and destroy families. The corporations that own casinos say they are generating jobs (not just in gambling but hospitality) and bringing in the tourist dollars so contributes great economic benefits and they also argue they pay huge taxes.

By listening to the audio please write 350 words. The 350 words should answer these:

1) What do you think? What moral obligations, if any, do casinos have to the communities in which they are built?

2) What purpose could the increase in taxes proposed have?

3) Is there any weakness in the argument that each individual has the choice to gamble or not and no-one isa forcing them to do this?

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Assignment Solution

Moral obligations casinos have to the communities in which they are built

Gambling is a low-risk social activity or game for participants of all age groups. The winning or losing money is or assets is decided mostly by chance. The casinos have certain moral obligations to the communities in which they are built. Casinos increase employment opportunities in the area where they are built (Uusitalo, 2011). They present clear economic benefits. A large number of people are directly or indirectly influenced by casinos. The moral obligations that casinos have to include checking addiction, and value system of the community in which they are set up.

Purpose the increase in taxes proposed has

The unprecedented increase in taxes proposed was perhaps a fundraising measure or technique for the Dr. Denis Napthine government in an election year (Tarneit, 2014). The proposed increase in gaming taxes was a part of the plan of Napthine government to raise funds for the upcoming elections at the expense of sporting zones and community clubs. In addition to this, the Napthine government proposed to increase gaming taxes to minimize the extent to which the problem gamblers are encouraged to pursue the destructive behavior as the government believes that it is their responsibility to protect its citizens from moral, addictive gambling.

Argument that each individual has the choice to gamble or not and no-one is a forcing them to do this

According to me, there is no weakness in the argument that each individual has the choice to gamble or not and no-one is forcing them to do this. People who choose to gamble take in what they are willing to lose, perhaps because the atmosphere is great and there is a possibility that they may walk out with much more that they walked in with. They do this willingly and people should definitely have a choice to spend their money any way they choose. According to Blaszczynski, Ladouceur, Nower, & Shaffer (2008) the ultimate decision to gamble lies with an individual and represents a clear choice. Hence, it is people's choice to pay those outrageous amounts with their hard earned money and to gamble on their safety and not of others. Nothing or no person acts as a driving force here.

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