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MOTORVATE Case Analysis Based On Questions

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Assessment Type

Case Study

Word Count

5000 words


Organisational Behaviour


9 Days

Assignment Criteria

Part A:

Analysis (marked out of 60; worth 18% of the total mark for the subject; guideline word limit 3,000 words).
1) Explain what Tom is trying to achieve in terms of the team's functioning going forward when he initially responded to Dick's stealing? In your answer be sure to draw on Tuckman's model of team development to explain Tom's response.
2) Explain why the team's and Tom's responses to Dick's stealing were so different. In your answer be sure to focus on the potential conflicts between the values held by Tom, by Dick, and by the team.
3) Why do you think that the team's troubled relationship with Dick came as a surprise to Tom? In your answer, be sure to consider Barry's model of Distributed Leadership and what it might tell us about Tom's capability as a team leader.
4) Was Tom's decision to try and deal with Dick's theft the right way to proceed? In your answer, be sure to consider the full impact that Tom's decision would have on the team, especially in terms of its values and sense of common purpose? In particular, also consider the way in which Tom's conduct may align with (or come into conflict with): (a) the team's values of fairness and moral behaviour; and, (b) wider social values of fairness and moral behaviour.

Part B:

Recommendations (marked out of 40; worth 12% of the total marks for the subject; guideline word limit 2,000 words).
You are the senior management team of Motorvate. Harry has come to you in a state of distress. It turns out some serious things were going on in the Parts & Service department and he wasn't aware of. Based on your analysis in part A (and most importantly using the theories you referenced there) provide a set of recommendations that will: (a) prevent this from happening again; and, (b) ensure a healthy team environment in the future for the parts and services department. Remember that you will have to balance the needs of the individuals, the team, and the organisation. In your answer also be sure to consider what you are going to do about the three individual directly involved in the problem—i.e., Tom, Dick, and Harry.

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Assignment Solution

Part A:  Analysis

Answer 1
1.      Tom's initial response towards Dick's stealing was in the form of discrete confrontation and he inquired about the whole incident of pocketing some of the cash from the payments done by the customers. Tom got really angry because of Dick's act of stealing as it was simply breached of trust, therefore after listening to Tom's problem of in nearly starving position and his wife also losing the job, Tom made an arrangement informally where Dick can pay $25 every week till he fully restated the whole amount of $500 stolen from the cash on customer services desk. The reason for adopting this stance by Tom was he did not want to aggravate the problems for Dick because Dick has always been a respectable and well-liked team member and always held the reputation of going along with the team standards while portraying or setting a good example for other team members. Moreover, Dick being very reliable, enthusiastic as well as a productive team member everyone liked him a lot.

As per Tuckman's model in the group therapy settings the main aim is to help the team members in dealing with their personal problems. Any group, without considering its settings, should successfully try to achieve the task completion and at the same time by exhibiting a similar type of behavior, the group members will be able to relate to each other interpersonally. The Parts & Service Team at Motorvate is basically a Therapy group the task is considered to be both personal as well as interpersonal, where the groups are formed so as to help every team member deal with themselves as well as with others. That is what Tom wanted to help personally as well as interpersonally Dick with his issues back at home.

The Tuckman thus proposed a Developmental Sequence for the Groups, that offers the basic conceptualization of the changes happening within the group behaviors, related with both social as well as task realms, all across the group settings, over time. The Tuckman's model's first stage is ' testing and dependence' also known as Forming Stage where testing means trying to find out by the group members that what kind of interpersonal behavior is acceptable within the group on the basis of the reactions of the trainer as well as the reactions of the other team members. In this case, Dick also acts as a role model who is very reliable, follows team standards, enthusiastic, helpful and productive team member, whom other team members really admired.

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