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What To Look For In An Assignment Service?

Assignment service in the world of academics is defined as assistance in any format offered to the student to help him or her in preparing the appropriate solution to the coursework at hand. These services are primarily availed by students through the vendor websites and the last decade has witnessed the marketplace being crowded by many players both local and international. To capture the expectations of the students in Australia, we had conducted a market research campaign in October 2014, across 15 flourishing university campuses across Melbourne & Sydney. The major concerns raised by students have been listed as below and these issues once addressed, helps in establishing a service as the best assignment service in Melbourne.

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Free Turnitin Report

All our solutions are Turnitin tested and then sent to you. If your solution is more than 1000 words, we share the report with you for FREE.

On Time Delivery

We are committed for on time delivery of your solution. If we fail to do so, we will refund your money back.

Privacy Protection

We are committed towards keeping all your credentials safe with us. At no point will our team violate your privacy.

Global PhD Experts

Our expert team comprises of Gold medalists and industry experienced PhD experts from all over the globe.

Mid Review Policy

To avoid those last minute reworks, we send half assignment for your review. This process leaves absolutely no scope for errors.

Loyalty Discount

Once you order with us, you can enjoy our loyalty discount for ever. We discount 10% in all your future orders with us.

Looking At The Basics : Here’s How Your Assignment Service Should Be

The assignment assisting service should deliver plagiarism free solution

Students should ask for a guarantee against plagiarism found in assignment solutions. Guarantees, should be provided by the vendor through third party plagiarism reports which state the plagiarism % in the solution. Students must ensure that they get a solution which has less than 5% plagiarism in the solution as per standard Australian University standards.

The vendor should carry out necessary rework for free

Each assignment solution is required to follow a marking rubric as shared by the lecturer, and in case any of the guidelines has intentionally or mistakenly been not followed, then free rework should be delivered to the client. However, the students agreed that most of them had no issue with sharing the feedback on their own review within 1-2 days of receiving the solution.

Quality relevant sources should be used as references

The argument and the approach of the assignment solution depends on the facts and sources being referred to. Quality references have quality research work and proven deductions, which lay the foundation for an excellent solution. The appropriate referencing standard must be followed for both in-text and end-text referencing.

Delivery on or before the deadline

Students do share the deadline with the assignment services company, but they prefer receiving it before their deadline for their own review and to be better able to handle contingencies. So students expect the solutions to be delivered to them wherever possible before the final deadline.

Support during non-college timings is mandatory

As most of the students spend most of the day in their colleges, they expect the ideal assignment service to be present when they come online for studies in the evening or also in the early morning. 24×7 support services, was heavily appreciated by the majority of students.

Friendly and approachable treatment throughout the process

The client is the king and in this case is a troubled student who needs assistance from the experts in their assignments. Most of the students treasured talking to representatives from these academic help vendors, who were approachable and understood the limitations on their part.

Accept payment in installments

Quoting a student from Sydney as The best assignment service should understand that we are students and do not have a fat wallet to help us order in bulk. The service providers should accept payments in multiple installments in case the amount is big and the student finds it difficult to make the full payment in one go. However, most of these students agreed to the fact that they were ready to make the full payment in installments before the final delivery of the solution were made.

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What I like best about your service is the Mid review policy which saved me from a big blunder that could be caused due to the lack of clarity in my requirements. Thank you team!

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On Time Delivery on Best Assign Service

Consumer surveys like these, help the service industry evaluate the concerns of the clients and help them, address them in the best manner possible. has been working on these issues for more than a year now and these efforts have yielded in better brand reputation among the students as a trusted academic solution service provider. Each student should be aware of the above concerns so that they can save both their money and time if such features are not a part of their hired service. Do get in touch with our client relationship managers on chat or over call to get any of your doubts about your assignment clarified.

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