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Chemistry is a major subject of our study. Basic concepts of Chemical reactions, Mechanisms, Kinetics, Catalysis, all are quite complex to understand. Don’t worry!!! We have the best experts to help you with Chemistry assignment or homework of Australian Universities. Our online tutors also help you to improve the basic concepts. Online experts gives an answer to the question asked with accuracy within the defined time limit. Our experts provide assistance in all fields like General Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Inorganic, Organic Chemistry, etc. We ensure that our experts provide good quality of assignment content to help your academic career.

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Chemistry Courses To Take Up

  • Bachelor of Science Major: Chemistry
  • Graduate diploma in Science
  • Graduate diploma in Science (Advance)
  • Bachelor of Science in Medicinal Chemistry and Master of Nursing
  • Graduate certificate in Science
  • Master of Applied Science: Chemistry
  • Masters in Nanotechnology
  • Master of Science coursework and research
  • Master of Science (by research)

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Know More About Chemistry Assignment Help

Course Curriculum

Chemistry has lots of relevant area like material, analytical, synthetic, green chemistry, biochemistry to study, which leads to several potential career opportunities in the Industries. For a better career option in Chemistry, Australian Universities offer several undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma and professional courses for students.
The course materials provided by the most of Australian Universities impose main focus on the foundation of basic concepts of inorganic, physical and organic chemistry which are helpful in higher levels of study in chemistry and research. Main topics include: atomic structure, bonding and hybridization, molecular shape, general organic chemistry, states of matter and intermolecular forces, chemical equilibrium, thermodynamics, kinetics, structure, reactivity and mechanisms, organic functional group chemistry, structural determination, acid and base chemistry and transition metal chemistry.
The course also provides an introduction to Spectroscopy techniques used to characterize (bio) molecular systems. These include UV/visible spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, etc. Types of reaction intermediate, organic reactions, rearrangements & their mechanisms. Organic synthesis: reagents, methodologies, specificities & stereochemistry, Functional group & whole molecule retro synthesis.
Inorganic chemistry includes physical methods and its application to bio-inorganic and materials science. Fundamental electronic properties which differentiate the d- and f-block transition elements from others in the periodic table; their electronic structure, electron transfer reaction, their mechanism and magnetic properties.
The course also provides a detailed introduction to the synthesis of nanostructures and their use in nanotechnology. Fundamentals of synthetic methods, structure-property relationships and application in drug and vaccine delivery, plastic optoelectronics, diagnostics, nanoreactors, and nanorobots etc.

What to do to get a better grade?

To get a better grade in chemistry requires a good command of the fundamentals and have basic knowledge of the subject. There is no any straight and short path to get a better grade but there are a few suggestions and tips of students and tutors which help to improve the grades.

Study more and more: yes, self-study is more helpful for you to understand the basics, otherwise any class lecture or helping tips can’t help you.
Advance learning before classroom lecture: Read the study material before the next lecture, makes easier to understand the conceptual discussion in class.
Finish homework regularly: When homework assigned to you solve them honestly without any help. Don’t look for your notes or text for the solution.
Practice, Practice and Practice: Regularly studying the previous point and solving equations, practical problems and sample chemistry tests enhance the level of understanding of the basic concept.
Solve previous year question papers on a regular basis.
Access online resources provided by your department.
Get in touch with your teacher and discuss conceptual questions.

If we work hard and utilize all of our resources, Chemistry will be an easier, pleasant and successful experience for us.

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