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Engineering assignments will no longer be a nightmare for students as our 24*7 operational engineering expert team are ready to assist you in your assignments and projects. While in other subjects it is possible to search on the internet and write, engineering subjects require an in depth knowledge and understanding to complete the task. Our engineering team is the most experienced team among all the other subject departments as it was one of our first assignment help subjects 8 years back. We can undertake almost all the engineering subjects, even at tight deadlines maintaining the quality. Try talking to our expert now to know more about our Engineering assignment help services.

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What Do We Offer?

Unlike other subjects, Engineering deals with application of established theories and laws to invent something design it or build it which eases human life in one way or the other. Everything around us, technologies that assist us to assist us in our day to day activities has the role of engineers behind it. Yet we are unaware of the role played by engineers behind these technologies and so they form the invisible force affecting all our lives. Being an engineer, a student gets a lot of creative power in his/her hands, which varies from various fields across the globe. We at ExpertAssignmentHelp are committed to help out engineering students from diverse courses in engineering from across the globe.
This department is proudly the most diverse unit in our company and they support students of the following courses from across the globe in Undergraduate/Postgraduate/Doctoral levels:
Civil and Construction Engineering – Electrical Engineering – Mechanical Engineering – Biomedical Engineering – Mechatronics Engineering – Process Systems Engineering – Engineering Management – Computer & IT Engineering – Chemical & Materials Engineering

Civil Engineering

The field of Civil & Construction Engineering includes designing and building of buildings, canals, bridges, and the like. The civil engineers are also entrusted with the maintenance of these physical or naturally built constructions. While the civil engineering student primarily has to deal with designing of these constructions, understanding the different materials used in the construction, understanding the natural forces which need to be respected while making a building and all other similar aspects and surveying about them to get the right information required to go ahead with a certain project.
A few subsections of Civil Engineering are as listed below:
Environmental Engineering – Earth Science – Structural Engineering – Materials and Soil Engineering – Many more topics

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering deals with the application of electricity in various spheres of our life. It also includes the study of electronics and electromagnetism. This field revolves around the issues and problems faced by the systems like electric machines or electric power transmission networks. The various subjects of electrical engineering include the following:
Electromagnetism –Power Engineering – Telecommunication – Physical laws – Electric Vehicles – Control Engineering – Many more topics

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering being the mother of all specializations in engineering covers a diverse range of applications in the real world. It deals with the making of manufacturing units, a huge range of industrial machinery and spare parts, automobile equipment and other types of machinery. However, mechanical engineers are taking large strides in fields like nanotechnology as well. Our experts at EAH usually handle mechanical engineering projects and dissertations and they broadly cover the topics as given below:
Mechanics – Structural Analysis – Kinematics – Mechatronics – Kinematics – Nanotechnology –Many more topics

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering deals with the study of designing and engineering science pertaining to the science of biology and medicine. A student here works for the advancement of healthcare treatment by working on the engineering and designing aspects of the processes included in diagnosis, treatment, tracking and therapy. This is an interdisciplinary field of engineering and the knowledge of both fields helps in studying the concepts of this course. Our experts have handled assignments and essay related to this field in the following topics:
Bio-Mechatronics – Medical Imaging – Neural Engineering – Bionics – Rehabilitation engineering  –Bioinstrumentation – Many more topics

Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering is a point where four primary forms of engineering, science merge together – mechanical, control, computing & electrical. Most of the modern machines include Mechatronics engineering modules which are controlled and regulated through the primary control panel. The various sub topics under this field of engineering are:
Systems & Control Engineering – Robotics – Mechanical Engineering – Computing Science – Optomechanics – Many more topics

Process Systems Engineering

Process Systems Engineering deals with the designing, controlling and optimization of various industrial processes with the help of standard computer based methods. This is the reason why is covers application in industries like petrochemical, mineral processing, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The most popular subjects with our experts are:
Basic Engineering Package – Reactor Sizing – Process & utility – Piping – BFD, PFD and PDS of equipment – Many more topics

Engineering Management

Engineering management is designed keeping in mind the needs of a management role in technology intensive industries. It teaches a form of management, which helps in the application of principles of engineering to the business. The problem solving techniques as used in engineering are used to solve business problems. The various areas of implementation and topics where our experts have assisted many students in their projects and assignments are as given below:
Product Development – Industrial Engineering – Manufacturing and construction – Modeling and industrial Designing – Information technology – Many more topics

Computer and IT Engineering

The Computer and IT Engineering Subject-Matter-Expert team at EAH is made up of qualified professionals and developers who have decent experiences as a professional in the industry. Many of our experts are still a part of the industry or are freelance developers working throughout the wide range of computer programming technologies and languages. Computer programming falls under the umbrella of software engineering and this involves algorithm designing, software designing, front-end interface designing and quality control. The various topics covered in this topic area:
Computer Architecture – Computer Operating Systems – Programming languages – Control Systems – Software Engineering – Many more topics


Chemical and Materials Engineering applies chemistry in the real world. So it deals with construction and maintenance of machinery that helps perform chemical reactions, thereby serving one purpose or the other in improving human life. The chemical processes behind many industrial processes are refined, redefined and developed to be more efficient and for this the basic sciences are applied in real world limitations. The various topics that have been covered by our experts are:
Food Engineering – Plastics Engineering – Materials Science – Process Design – Thermodynamics – Fluid Mechanics – Many more topics
While these are the main topics under engineering assignment help, our experts have also taken up assignments in growing domains like Aerospace Engineering, Environmental Engineering, etc. Do write back to us or reach us over live chat for inquiring about any of our services for engineering students.

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