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Geography Courses To Take Up In These Top Universities In Australia

  • BA with majors in Geography, MA, Monash University.
  • BSc, BA, MA, MPhil, PhD, The University of Western Australia.
  • BSc specializing in Geographic Information Science, Charles Darwin University
  • BSc, BA, Graduate diploma in Science in Geoscience, Geography and Geology, MSc, The University of Sydney.
  • BA, Curtin University.
  • BA, BSc, Master of Sustainability, MA, MEnvSc, PhD, Centre for Geography & Environmental Science, Monash University.
  • BA, Graduate Diploma, Graduate Certificate, MA, PhD, University of Tasmania.

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Know More About Geography Courses And Assignment Help

Studying Geography in Australia

Geography as a discipline studies the interdependence between human society and natural environments. A better understanding of nature-human relationship and impacts of anthropogenic activities on ecological system is absolutely imperative for solving various pressing problem humanities is facing at the moment, such as unprecedented rate of species extinction, climate change, global warming, etc. For this purpose, geographer studies Earth’s landscape, people, places, and more importantly how these interact. For this reason, often geography department in top Australian University is coupled with Environmental studies faculty. Geography major or a master degree is designed to enable students to explore a wide variety of contemporary concerns and problems requiring the integration of natural and social sciences, beyond the respective disciplinary boundaries. Our expert writers have been consistently offering assignment assistance to geography students from some of the top universities in Australia.

Overview of courses in Geography

Geography is often considered as a discipline under the faculty of humanities. After graduating from school, you can begin the specialized study in geography in your undergraduate level. Generally, an undergraduate course in Geography is of four years with a major. As you might have noticed that you can study a Bachelor of Arts degree in geography as well as a Bachelor of Science. This shows the highly interdisciplinary nature of geography discipline. As Undergraduate degree with a major in geography entails a compulsory courses such as Indigenous Australian Issues: Past, present, future, Anthropology of Aboriginal Politics, and along with these you can take elective courses such as application of GIS, Society and Environments, China in transition, geopolitics and development, geographical thought, biogeography and ecology of fire, etc.
After your bachelor degree, if you have a keen interest towards various environmental issues and interested in pursuing a research career then you can go for a Master by research in environmental studies. If you have an interest in environmental issues, but looking for a job opportunity after your master then you can go for a coursework based master of sustainability. Finally, you can pursue in a PhD to work for 3-4 years dedicatedly in a research project to make a unique academic contribution to the knowledge about the human-nature relationship.

How to Get Good Scores in Geography Assignments

Geography is entirely an empirical discipline. At the same time, it is highly interdisciplinary in nature. This makes assignment writing task a difficult art to master for students. You can keep the following points in mind, while doing assignments in Geography to complete it successfully.

First of all, for any proper academic writing, you should have a detailed structure to work with. If you are writing an essay, follow the introduction, body and conclusion format. For journal articles, it should be introduction, methods and material, result, discussion, and conclusion.
As geography being an interdisciplinary subject. You should pay utmost attention while choosing your unit of analysis. Ideally, this unit should be validated by both the social and natural science concepts you are dealing with.
In geography essays, the use of evidence should be appropriate as well as adequate. As mostly you will be making a socially relevant claim on the basis of some natural science processes, you should use enough evidences in the form of graphs, diagrams or even GIS or remotely sensed
Finally, like all academic writing, you should cite references from other scholarly sources to substantiate your arguments. At the same time, provide a detailed bibliography at the end of your assignment in the specified format.

Leave Your Assignment pressure to the Experts

Writing essays and articles in geography has been always a demanded task. The most challenging part for most the students is to transcend their disciplinary training and think from a completely problem centred perspective. Often, students lack this ability and thus fail in keeping up to the expectation of their professors. If you also find similar difficulties with assignments in geography, then it is better to look for professional assistance. In this regard, would be delighted to help you out with that. Our team of expert writers in geography is highly capable of producing unique geography assignment. Our experts are also well versed with various RS & GIS software required for a typical course in geography. We promise you to deliver 100% plagiarism free content and to showcase that with every order you will get a free turnitin report from our end. Our experts are available 24X7 for your assistance and they always take rework requests, if you are not satisfied with our effort. So, no need for any contemplation, choose the best provider in the market and see how we steer your way to success.