Observation Of A communication Event

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Communication Event Essay


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Assignment Criteria

Which communication theories that you have researched and applied, provide most insight into understanding the dynamics of the observed event?

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Assignment Solution

Effective communication is the basis of building a relationship between society and connecting people at various grounds like in both positive and negative manner. In an organisation or day to day routine activities, also the role of communication is immense concerning handling business operations and dealing with customers (Jansaz, Dowd, & Schneider, 2014). In the current essay, the communication theories have been applied by observing the interaction between a customer and front desk officer at the bank set up. 

In the scenario, communication has taken place between a customer (an older person) and front desk officer in a bank. Here this customer has some compliant that become the basis of communication between a customer and front desk officer. When the customer arrived in the bank, he directly went to helping desk and ask the person for help. Front desk officer greeted him with a smile and gave attention to his query. The customer started to explain his problem to the front desk officer. Still, while he explained his situation, the front desk officer was interrupted several times which created difficulties in establishing a smooth conversation between them.

During the whole scenario, it was observed that a customer was facing a problem but not able to explain his problem in words. It was completed some sort of technical problem which he was facing while using the mobile application of the bank. In the very beginning, it was the very normal scenario as mentioned in the Berlo's communication model that there is always a source (a customer), message (facing a problem while using the mobile application of bank), channel (face to face interaction) and receiver (front desk officer). It was the ideal situation because, at the very beginning, there was no noise in the communication (Cobley & Schulz, 2013). 

During the whole conversation, it has been observed that participants used gestures, a non-verbal form of communication, even written communication, especially when they already had a face to face interaction. Non-verbal communication is the one where participants in the communication set up never use any word to convey their feelings. In the beginning, it was smooth as customer explained his problem and front desk officer mentioned that “sir it’s not a technical problem, it’s just, just you do not know how to use it. Well, I will help you. Let me fix it.” With this statement, he wanted to say that an old man was not accustomed to using mobile applications. It just makes an old man furious, however front desk officer didn’t mean to hurt his sentiments, he was correct at his point.

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