Job vacancies for students in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic

by Bella Williams September 15, 2020

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the Australian economy. Hospitality and tourism are hit the hardest with many people losing their jobs and a regular income source.

For students, the pandemic brings with it a lot of panic and uncertainty. In Australia, the job market is dry, leaving thousands without any stable pay. The silver lining is- Australian Government has new policies to boost employment.

Food industries, agriculture and healthcare is still hiring people, offering a ray of hope for the Australian workforce. Here is a list of sectors where you can apply for part-time or full-time positions:

1. Supermarket and Retail Sector Jobs

Supermarkets are a part of the essential services in Australia. And as per a survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there has been an all-round hike in retail sales from March 2020. Panic buying is a legit thing, with everyone trying to hoard groceries, toilet paper and other essential items.

The top supermarkets in Australia- namely, Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and IGA are facing severe shortage in workforce. Students can check out entry-level clerical jobs at retail stores. Other job vacancies include store assistants, delivery drivers, butchers, grocers and more. You don’t need any technical skills to apply for these positions.

Cole’s has about 5000 job vacancies for casual staff. You can check the terms of employment here.

In Woolworths, there are about 20,000 job vacancies available right this moment. Apply here.

Aldi and IGA also have job listings on their website that you can check out here:

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2. Doorstep Delivery Jobs

Diners and restaurants shut for an indefinite time. And even if they open at 50% capacity, people would be apprehensive about eating outside. In this lockdown, food delivery services are getting a lot of business

If you have your own vehicle, then you can apply for doorstep delivery services. UberEats, Menulog and Deliveroo are common food delivery services in Australia. And with a surge in demand, there are several opportunities for students.

  1. Students can apply for UberEats
  2. For Menulog, the application platform is
  3. You can check out the vacancies in Deliveroo at

3. Courier Pick-up & Delivery Jobs

People self-isolating in their homes have no other option but to shop for things online. And the more people order online, the better it is for courier and shipping services.

Students can work as warehouse assistants, inventory managers, and pick packers. These jobs are labour-intensive and need your physical presence at the workplace. So, ensure that you follow all the safety protocols and social distancing rules.

You can look up on Jora for courier delivery jobs in your locality. Please make sure you update the search filters in the Jora search as per your location.

You can also setup a vendor account on Airtasker and be your own boss in local pick-up and delivery jobs in your city. It is recommended to install their app and respond as quickly as possible to a client query with a quick quote for their requirement.

You can also register with an upcoming app named Zoom2U and get courier pick-up and delivery jobs in your locality based on your current location. Click on the link below to learn more about it and apply if it appeals to you.

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4. Security Agencies

Even though companies are out of business, they still have the office space as a fixed asset. Getting rid of these offices is not an option. The only other alternative is to hire security services to safeguard the property.

Students can apply for a security guard position for private and public properties. You don’t need any formal University degree for the job, but a security personnel certification is key to get one. Although companies prefer candidates with Certification II and III. For more details about the courses you can check Asset Security Courses or Advance Training’s CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations (Crowd Control/Unarmed Guard). These certifications cost around $1500 for a 3-4 week course, which ends with successful completion of a set of written assignments.

Once certified you are assigned a security guard registration ID which is used in all your future employments. You can find relevant job openings on Jora for security guards here:

5. Farm jobs

Agriculture is one of the few sectors in Australia, where students can still find some work. Students stuck in the country often apply at farms to survive the pandemic. You can apply under the Seasonal Worker Program introduced by the Australian Government.

As part of the program, backpackers and students fill up the gaps in the workforce. You have to pick fruits and vegetables, take care of the cattle and tun errands around the farm. Virginia Farm Produce has several job openings for students and tourists looking for farm jobs.

With the increase in demand, food production in Australia has also picked up pace. Students looking for work around farming areas can check out job openings at Rural Enterprises. Here you can find all the relevant information around farm jobs such as station work, cattle rearing, dairy farming and more.

Another reliable source that you can check for farm jobs is Viterra. Here, you can find a wide range of harvest job openings all across Australia, especially in NSW and Adelaide regions. And don’t worry, the farmland in Australia is quite huge, and there is no risk of COVID-19 transmission.

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6. Healthcare sector

Healthcare is the only sector where there is a shortage of manpower. Hospitals and healthcare units around Australia are looking for nurses and caregivers. If you are a medical student or pursuing a course in nursing, then you can apply for these jobs.

Candidates without a medical degree, apply for administrative positions, cleaning jobs and warehousing. Adzuna is a good platform where you can find over 500+ cleaning jobs in various parts of Australia including Perth, Townsville, Gold Coast, and Newcastle area. These cleaning jobs involve both government projects and private properties.

And for community cleaning programs, you can explore Citywide, a platform that has created 100+ opportunities for displaced workers. Here, volunteers deal with public waste management projects, cleaning public transport vehicles, community areas and parks.

Students in and around Victoria can explore the “Word For Victoria” initiative taken by the local government. Here, the volunteers access online training, and get employment opportunities at local business ventures.

Government hospitals are also encouraging volunteers for sewing medical masks and protective gear. Med-con and Baxter healthcare is hiring new staff members in their hospitals. You can apply to Med-con. For Baxter Healthcare, you can find the job vacancies here.

7. Online tutoring

Schools and universities around the country remain closed for months. But, that doesn’t mean that education in Australia has come to a standstill. Most schools have now shifted to virtual classrooms. People also enrol in online courses in technical and vocational fields.

Students in their final semester at college or just out of university can also apply for apprenticeship and training programs. Maxima has some great training programs for students stretched over 6-12 months. You get job recommendations, career counselling and certification after completing the course.

What’s more, students can actually earn a steady commission when training for the apprenticeship! And post the training, you can find a full-time employment at your desired industry/company. Maxima also recommends the top candidates to recruiters.

Students with some level of expertise in a field can apply to teach at these platforms. Superprof is a popular platform where students can find lucrative teaching jobs. Here is how you use for the position.

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8. Academic writing services

Students with an excellent academic record can apply for assignment writing services. If you have a knack for writing research papers and cracking case studies, then this is the perfect job for you.

ExpertAssignmentHelp is one such platform that offers top-notch academic writing services to clients. Currently, we are hiring post-grad students and PhD holders for writing assignments orders. We prefer candidates with ample academic and industry experience.

Now, you can earn while you learn as an academic writer! Please fill out this application form below to work with us. All you have to do is prepare quality papers and case study solutions from your own desk.

The Bottom Line

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world as we know it. The economy is in shambles, and people worldwide are losing their jobs. I hope this list helps you regain your financial footing and cope with this crisis in an effective way. All the best!

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