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Peer Tutoring Of International Students By Local Students

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Research Proposal

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2000 words


Education and Teaching


3 Days

Assignment Criteria

Write a research proposal on peer tutoring of international students by local students and its impact on meta-cognitive regulation?

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Assignment Solution

Research problem 

My previous research on the topic 'Impact of Peer tutoring in higher education in Australia' found a gap in reciprocal peer tutoring between international students and local students in Australian universities. Research has shown that the experience of student life in Australia does not match the expectations of international students (Khawaja & Dempsey, 2008). Problems that an international student faces during the first year of the university include the poor choice, of course, managing the transition from school to university and unrealistic expectations of the work and time that their coursework requires (McInnis, et al., 2000) in addition to the culture shock and the adaption to life away from home. Peer tutoring of international students by domestic students is an option that needs to be looked into for addressing problems that international students face in adapting to student life Australian Universities. Local students possess the social capital to negotiate university life in Australia and can help international students with their transition into university life in Australia. My research will examine the option of using reciprocal peer tutoring by local students to improve meta-cognitive regulation of international students in Australian universities who have difficulty managing their time and workload.

Research Rationale and Significance

The proposed research will seek to find the effectiveness of peer tutoring on the meta-cognitive regulation of international students. Co-operative learning increases learning achievement in four areas: 'cognitive elaboration, motivation, social cohesion and developmental elaboration' (Slavin, 2014). International students face problems while adapting to their life and studies in Australia related to social cohesion, motivation as well as cognitive and developmental elaboration. My proposed research will seek to implement peer-tutoring for international students by pairing them with local students who possess social capital (Putnam, 2004) to negotiate student life in Australia. My research will then measure the effectiveness of such peer tutoring on the meta-cognitive regulation of international students. 

Literature Review

The younger generation of today finds acquiring an international qualification an attractive option in their quest to become qualified professionals in various fields. This is the main reason why Australian education attracts a large number of international students from diverse backgrounds (Harmon, 2015). The total number of international students in Australian Universities in the year 2016 was around 4, 00,000 (DET, 2016). Studying for a foreign qualification in Australia comes with many advantages, but there are also downsides to student life overseas. For many of the students who travel to Australia to acquire international qualifications from the universities here, this is their first travel outside their home country. Research indicates that international students require support with coping strategies and managing their expectations of student life (Khawaja & Dempsey, 2008).

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