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Performance Improvement Plan for Dementia Care

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Change Management


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Assignment Criteria

Please find the topic of this assignment. You have to choose only one topic from that. please follow the marking sheet to write the essay, cover every point of marking sheet.

 Assignment 2

Choose one of the following essay topics.

Performance improvement plan

Identify an area (one specific area) of health related practice that requires performance improvement. Analyse and critically discuss:

  • the relevant organisational strategic goal/objectives
  • the steps required (and their relevant theoretical support) to implement a process for improving an aspect of  performance
  • the approach best suited to improving performance in this instance
  • the type of performance indicators or measures selected 
  • strategies for motivating and engaging the stakeholders in ongoing performance improvement
  • the role of the leader in this process


Change Management project or strategy

Critically discuss a change management project or strategy that has been undertaken or is being planned in a health related organisation. Use the relevant literature to support an analysis and critical discussion of:

  • the aim of the change in relation to the organisation's mission and strategic goals/objectives
  • the steps which were (or should be) followed when implementing change and the theoretical support framework  
  • the change management strategies and processes used 
  • the barriers and facilitators to the success of this change 
  • the leadership role in this change process

For this assignment, you are expected to write a scholarly essay which explores the chosen topic in a critical manner and demonstrates your understanding of the ideas and concepts related to leading organisational performance improvement or change management. You are also required to demonstrate an ability to apply the ideas and concepts to the program being discussed.

It is expected that you will use the accepted format for a scholarly essay including an introduction, sections made up of a number of paragraphs that address each of the assignment points and a comprehensive conclusion. You may wish to use the key points as headings within your essay.

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Assignment Solution


Effective Performance Improvement is a Vision of Organizational Leaders, who through a proper goal organized mission, tries to encroach upon. They do so by clearly defining their mission statements to each and every member in that organization and ensure that best practices must be implemented for organizational success (MyInnerview, 2006). Thus performance improvement is not just a task, a skill or a program, but it is an orientation of all members in that organization towards a common vision which can be achieved by sharing best practices and improving knowledge levels (Kinlaw, 1992) (LaRossa, 2008). 

Performance Improvement Plan is intended to communicate and instill a philosophy amongst the members of an organization which aims to implement cost-effective, robust and constructive operational plan that improves performance and benefits an organization as a whole. Performance Improvement encompasses the earlier phrases like Total Quality Management, Quality control, and Quality improvement (Kinlaw, 1992) (LaRossa, 2008).  

With regard to health care settings, performance improvement aims to identify and implement such opportunities that increase the quality of life of patients through effective care, and ensures the safety of patients at all times. Resident care improvements are those, which decrease the episodes of accidental falls and medication errors, leading to minimum casualties (SAEM, 2005). Performance Improvement aims to inculcate better processes, proper screening, and orientation of employees towards the direction of institution's mission (MyInnerview, 2007). This includes adapting to modern and new technologies, enhancing capital improvements and more importantly the skills to accept and manage change amongst their employees (Kinlaw, 1992) (LaRossa, 2008).

Dementia care has been one of the key issues not only in our organization but in different healthcare settings. The incidence of fall-related accidents in this condition limits optimal caregiving and is associated with high levels of dissatisfaction amongst patients and their families. Our performance improvement plan will focus, upon improving care in these individuals. We would be guided by our vision statement, mission statement and value added a statement in this endeavor. The statements are briefed as below:

Vision Statement: To be amongst the top 2 organizations in the territory with regard to the terminal care of patients suffering from Dementia.

Mission Statement: To develop requisite skills and knowledge amongst concerned personnel associated with dementia care, along with the development of 'State-Of-Art' infrastructure, which will cater to these patients for leading a quality life.

Value Added Statement: The patients and their families will carry peace of mind and will develop a high degree of trust, and confidence in our caregiving process.

Literature Support for the proposed Performance Improvement Plan

Dementia represents a broad category of brain diseases, where an individual fails to retrieve either short term or long term memory or both. This condition affects daily functioning in the life of an individual. The symptoms that are commonly associated with dementia are impaired cognitive, and communication skills that lead to episodes of forgetfulness. Dementia or the act of chronic forgetfulness can occur due to various reasons, and the most common causes are the neurodegenerative changes associated with aging. Dementia often occurs as a concurrence to Alzheimer's disease, which represents the pathophysiological basis associated with the condition (Cunningham, 2006).

The hippocampus and its associated structures of the limbic system play a significant role in the development of emotion, and the formation of memory. Whenever any neuronal pathways to these structures are damaged or become redundant, memory formation and retrieval of old memories becomes compromised. In Alzheimer's, there is a significant functional loss of cholinergic neurons, in the Nucleus Basalis of Meynert, due to the development of neurofibrillary entangles around these neurons. As a result, acetylcholine is not formed and cannot carry information to the hippocampus for the development of new memory. Since these neurons are a component of the Papetz circuit, retrieval of memory becomes difficult, which forms the basis of forgetfulness (Cunningham, 2006). 

Dementia is a global issue and affects around 36 million individuals worldwide. The problem of dementia increases with age and it has been reported that 3% of individuals in the age group of 65-74 years, 19% individuals in the age group of 75-84 years and 50% individuals in the age group more than 85 years suffer from Dementia. During 2013, approximately 1.7 million deaths occurred globally, as a consequence of Dementia (Larson, Yaffe & Langa, 2013).

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