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Assignment: Personal branding assignment.  

learning all about you, what makes you, your goals and how you plan on managing your personal brand to help you achieve them.

What is your unique brand and what steps will you take to augment your brand to achieve your career goals. identifying and evaluating your personal brand using analytical tools and framework attached in the presentation.

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Assignment Solution

When there is competition all around, and all are striving to overpass the other to grow and rise, it turns extremely crucial to selling oneself well. There comes in the necessity to know oneself satisfactory and plan self-branding. A new aspect identified in the competitive atmosphere is selling oneself as a brand to achieve new heights in career and attain one’s dream job and goals (Khedher 2014). Branding has made it easy to position oneself in the correct market segment, by correctly defining who and how you are and where you plan to promote yourself (Hitchings 2014). It has opened avenues for candidates to position their unique selling propositions and develop an edge over the other candidates who strive to be branding themselves in the same market. This calls to brand and position oneself in great detail and precision. I too, have tried to do the same by critically analysing and evaluating my personal goals against the capabilities I hold based on my education and working experience. The effort would also extend to position it in a way that promotes a company brand.

Quite in line, to the latest educational degree attained by me and the working experience I hold, my personal goals are planned. I strive to rise in the field of marketing and hold a managerial position in the marketing stream among the top Marketing Consultancy Firm. Along with I strive to attain the common managerial capabilities and implement the same at work. The attributes namely include communication capabilities, leadership skills, negotiating skills as well as relationship building abilities. Though the effort of reaching the perfection is still in process, I do feel that my work exposure and education has helped me groom the above-mentioned capabilities which I strive to use as my unique selling proposition by properly positioning myself as a brand. Alongside, the personal desires of being well-established in terms of finances and job, that promotes work-life balance is what formulates my long term goals. To attain the above mentioned long term goals, I plan to strengthen my capabilities in the field of marketing by taking up a Master’s degree in marketing from the University of Sydney.

With rising candidatures for open job positions, it is turning tough to uphold oneself. The opportunities provided by the concept of creating and promoting a personal brand has brought in a sigh of relief as I strongly believe in my capabilities and understand myself well. With similar efforts made from the postgraduate days where the branding was taught to me in the marketing courses, I took a deep interest in planning and creating a personal portfolio and updating it from time to time. The same gave me quite a clear picture of how and what efforts I needed to put in for a brighter future. Theories like “Myers-Briggs Type Indicator” as well as “Whole Brain Thinking Model” helped me correctly identify adjectives that defined me. I derived my psychological type as “INFP” based on “Myers- Briggs Type Indicator”. These prompted capabilities of Introvertism, Intuitiveness, feeling-based judgements and Perceiving nature to be part of my personality as per the model (D., Zdravkovic & Morrison 2010). Though Introvertism did not very well promote me as a marketer, all the attributes did help me visualise myself as a manager as well as fit for a consultancy firm. As a measure of reassurance, when assessed based on the “Whole Brain Thinking Model” I found myself to fit the “D” category. The category comprises of attributes of Holistic nature, Intuitive, Integrating as well as Synthesizing (Daft & Marcic 2013). The attributes of integration, as well as Synthesizing, helped complement the Introvertism aspect which needed reforms when visualising a personality of marketing manager (Scott 2012). I well understand with attributes like “Introvertism” I would lose the competition. Hence my target as presenting a personal brand would be to use it as a strength rather than weakness. On analysing, it has been identified that 4.4% of U.S.A population hold a similar personality type (Poh 2017). This shows that just a niche population hold a similar combination of a personality trait that I have. As the figures are low, I target to promote “Introvertism”, which presently shows a mismatch when a marketing role is identified, as a unique characteristic that a marketer needs to hold in a consultancy firm. This will not only help me win over my weakness rather present it as a strength. 

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