Personal Care Support Question And Answers

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Assignment Criteria

Assessment 2 – Short Answers 

Provide short answer responses to the following questions. There is no minimum or maximum  word count for each question, but please ensure you read the question carefully and respond to all  parts of the question. Consult your learning resource for any information regarding these  questions.

Question 1: What are six steps you must take prior to commencing any personal care procedure in any context?

Question 2: Outline legal and ethical requirements related to the provision of personal support, and how these are  applied in an organisation and individual practice: 

  • privacy, confidentiality and disclosure 
  • duty of care 
  • work health and safety, including manual handling 

Question 3: In your own words write down your understanding of re-ablement and ablement support?

Question 4: Provide examples of how you can ensure your personal safety when providing personal support 

Question 5: Document the types of reports used in your work placement. How are these reports stored? 

Question 6: Provide example of how you would consider the persons cultural needs who you are supporting 

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Assignment Solution

Answer 1

The following are pre-requisites to commence any personal care procedure (Draper, Crispin, & Lawrence, 2014):

  1. Assess personal care support policies involving client to ensure support necessities fulfilling personal care needs.
  2. Ensure personal support needs to the extent of skills, knowledge and select proper inputs for those beyond the scope.
  3. Think about the possible impact on the client due to personal care support and consult with the controller.
  4. Decide the client’s particular cultural requirements related to personal support.
  5. Contemplate the risks involved in the support extended and consult with the controller.
  6. Recognize characteristics of methods and assistances apart from knowledge and skills and select proper support.

Answer 2

The following are legal requirements related to the provision of personal support (Jones, Matias, Powell, Jones, & Looi, 2014):

  1. Support the client to express and identify their apprehensions.
  2. Identify protocols and policy while handling a complaint
  3. Support the client towards advocacy services if needed.

The following are the ethical requirements related to the provision of personal support (Jones, Matias, Powell, Jones, & Looi, 2014):

  1. Safeguard the client’s rights while serving.
  2. Work inside limits pertinent to the occupational role.
  3. Recognize to religious and linguistic/cultural diversity

The following are methodology to apply the legal and ethical requirements in an organization and individual practice (Jones, Matias, Powell, Jones, & Looi, 2014):

  1. Consider possible legal and ethical issues arose officially.
  2. Identify witnessed signatures reliable with sexual abuse, emotional, physical and financial.
  3. Inform the authorities by exhibiting successful use of procedures and ethical provisions connected to confidentiality and disclosure.
  4. Reveal the solution to the client and ensure the client personal values is respected.

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