Political Practice

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Word Count

3000 words


Political Practice


3 Days

Assignment Criteria

  • Gain a comprehension of the variety of meanings of political practice, as well as its multi-dimensions
  • Understand some of the different modes of political practice
  • Appreciate the various ways in which commercial and non-commercial organisations engage in Political Practice
  • Be able to nominate some of the limits and failures of political practice in the 21st century western polity
  • Be capable of applying key aspects of study learned over the course of one’s degree to the challenges of political practice, both in this specific unit and beyond

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Assignment Solution

Since long past, one element that has reshaped the world is politics. It has a huge impact on the lives and development of this world. Political practices and its dimensions are wide, and its various perspectives can be witnessed differently all across the globe. In earlier time, politics meant to work independently but for the well-being of society and providing benefits to people. Nowadays, the scenario has been changed completely(Preston & Sampford, 2012). The impact of outside environment like industrialisation, commercial organisation is huge on political practices. Thus, the main agenda of the report is to focus on understanding the various meaning of political practices, along with identifying the impact of commercial and non-commercial organisations. 

Additionally, this report has presented the limitations of political practices in a logical manner. The challenges faced by the politicians have also been explained with reference to the dynamism in the globalised environment. Overall, current work can be helpful to understand the political environment in an appropriate manner. 

Political practice is an approach adopted by a local country to govern or control their resources (Saber, 2006). Every country has its own culture and social phenomena. The political aspects are also highly influenced by the local culture. The dimensions of political practices are changing widely. In the globalised world, political practices and its meaning are changing very immensely(Pollard & Kronenberg, 2008). The government of every country always focus on two kinds of political practices. One is that they need to comply with local culture and draw their boundaries accordingly. The second factor is that every government is supposed to participate in a global world for commercial transactions and building relationships. Thus, political practices have become the perfect blend of both globalised environment and local society as well as the cultural environment (Grewal, 2016).

Establishing the link with both the perspectives has become tough for the government, and lack of control gives birth to bureaucracy and corruption. At the same juncture, it is essential to understand that the impact of the government's political practices can be realised on their international relations. If the internal political environment is not stable, then problems can be found in building outside relations. It gives birth to the disillusion, distrust and low engagement of the outside world in the local country(Fay, 2014). The ideology of the government affects political practices largely. Overall, the different meaning of political practices can be changed in terms of providing favours to their friends, relatives, framing legal policies and building international relations.

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