Prelodgement Report

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Word Count

1250 words




2 Days

Assignment Criteria


Students are to write a town planning Prelodgement Report to City of Gold Coast for the purposes of a  Prelodgement Meeting detailing a specific development proposal, basic site and town planning provisions,  and identify items of non-compliance to be discussed with Council officers during the requested  Prelodgement Meeting. 

You will need to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the lecture material and practical  exercises undertaken during Intensive 2 by applying it to a scenario as outlined in this task sheet. 

Your Prelodgement Report should demonstrate your understanding, interpretation, analysis, and  navigation of the relevant sections in the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, Gold Coast City Plan 2016,  Planning and Development Online, Council website in general including Council Fees and Charges (ie  Development Applications fees and Infrastructure Charges), along with assessment timeframes (eg IDAS  timeframes) and relevant forms. 

Your report should include appropriate headings, professional layout, inclusion of Queensland statutory  planning terminology, along with appropriate aerial site images and planning scheme maps. You may also  appropriate visuals / pictures / illustrations to represent your development where appropriate.


You have been engaged by a client who would like to establish a townhouse development located at 15-17 Hinterland Drive, Mudgeeraba. The site is currently encumbered by a detached dwelling and ancillary  structures associated with the premises – all of which are to be demolished. The townhouse development will comprise a minimum of seven (7) dwellings with each dwelling accommodating 3-4 bedrooms. It is  intended that half of the dwellings will provide (1) off street car park space whilst the balance will comply  with the relevant car park provisions associated with the use. Communal facilities are proposed on site (eg  pool, barbeque area) of which all occupants will have shared access to. 

Prelodgement Report 

Using the above scenario, you are to prepare a Prelodgement Report to City of Gold Coast in which you are  seeking to meet with Council officers to discuss the proposal and any non-compliance issues (ie conflicts  between the proposal and Acceptable Outcomes of any relevant codes). 

The structure of the report should be as follows: 

– Basic Introduction 

– Proposed land use/s including their definitions from the Gold Coast City Plan 2016 – A summary of the proposal 

– Characteristics of the site and surrounding area (including aerial images or streetview images from  Google maps) 

– Town planning details including: 

  1. Address
  2.  Site description (ie lot and plan number)
  3. Total site area, site coverage, total number of dwellings and car park spaces proposed o Relevant Zone and intent (purpose) of the zone summarised in your own works o Approval type sought (ie Preliminary Approval/Development Permit) and application type  (ie Material Change of Use/Reconfiguring a Lot, etc)
  4. Level of assessment for land use
  5. All relevant codes triggered by the application

– Identification of any non-compliance against the Acceptable Solutions of the Relevant Codes  triggered by the application (ie any proposed Alternate Solutions and reasonable justification as to  how they meet the intent of their corresponding Performance Outcomes) 

– Provision of a basic site plan showing where the buildings are located on the site, off street car  parking areas, driveway/s and any areas of shared communal space. 

In addition, you are to complete all relevant Forms associated with a Prelodgement Meeting Request (refer  to Council's website), calculate the Development Application Fees if the application were to be lodged,  Infrastructure Charges should the application be approved, and outline the relevant IDAS Stages including  approximate timeframe (best and worst case scenarios) if the application was to be lodged to Council for  assessment.

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Assignment Solution


This is a pre-lodgement report for seeking a Prelodgement Meeting whereby specific details of the development proposal to establish a township development which will come up in 15-17 Hinterland Drive, Mudgeeraba in Gold Coast City, Australia.  At the present site, access to the site is restricted cause of a detached dwelling and the different structures that are associated with the premises which will be demolished before the development of the township (Gold, 2012). 

As per proposed plan for the development of the township, there will be about seven dwellings in the township, and each of the dwellings will have about 3 to 4 bedrooms. In the proposed township it has been planned that about half of the dwellings will get at least one off-street car-park space while the rest of the dwellings will have to comply with the relevant car park provisions that are related to using.  The proposed plan for the township will also have community facilities like the swimming pool and barbeque area which can be accessed by all the occupants of the township. 

Basic Information of the Site:

The basic details of the site are presented in the table below:

Site Address 15-17 Hinterland Drive, Mudgeeraba in Gold Coast City, Australia
Lot Description Lot 3 on RP219023
Site Area 2500 m2
Existing Land Use At present, the site has an abandoned detached dwelling and different structures that are associated with the premises
Approval Sought Development Permit for building the township
Local Authority City Of Gold Coast
Applicant Details Millennium Developers Pty Ltd
Contact Information Jacob Webb

Phone: 0405 111111


Description of Proposal

This application will seek a meeting with the Council officers of the City of Gold Coast so that the proposal for the development of the township can be discussed and any non-compliance issues like that of the conflicts between the proposal and the outcomes that are acceptable outcomes of relevant codes.

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