Preparing Yourself Mentally And Physically For A Part Time Job

by Bella Williams June 22, 2020

When you are studying in Australia or relocating to this country for higher studies, you may want to consider the option of getting yourself a part time job there. It will help you sustain yourself better in this new place; you could get valuable work experience for the future and even send home a part of your earnings. You could get a job as a warehouse staff or a data entry staff or even a call-center operator.

Before you start your job search, making a checklist of things to consider might prove helpful. A SWOT analysis will help you understand your own strengths and weaknesses so that you can discover the right paths to further your goals. Interacting with seniors and finding about the corporate culture in your desired place of work can help you make the right choice. You could even seek professional assistance to make your resume more appealing.

Maintaining a positive attitude is necessary because the job search process is going to be time-consuming and you must not get disheartened easily.

The Checklist That Is Going To Make Your Hard Work Worth It

  • A quick SWOT analysis for yourself
  • Networking with people
  • Scanning the job environment around you
  • Work on your Resume
  • Acquiring positive attitude & outlook
  • Balancing your beautiful life
  • Trying on the workplace shoes

A Quick SWOT Analysis For Yourself

The SWOT analysis has been designed to assess your limitations and strengths so that you can develop your personality and make yourself more appealing to prospective employers.  The test is meant to assess your reactions to certain situations. It helps you to identify your weaknesses so that you can act proactively to make these weaknesses your strengths.


All things are created twice; first mentally; then physically. 


Making A Wise Decision

A SWOT test will help you make a wise decision about your future; for those who may be already aware of their strengths, they can choose jobs which will help them in their future careers

Take a Free Aptitude Test for Strengths & Weaknesses

Networking With People

You can start interacting with seniors who already have part-time jobs. These seniors can even help you find similar jobs. It is possible to arrange for informational interviews with the alumni or attend networking events to explore interesting job prospects. Contrary to what people think casual networking can land you a job.

Networking is hard at first but when you are self-confident and social, you will soon make new friends. The best way to maintain connections with your new found contacts is to acknowledge their help and guidance. You can thank them for their help with a few drinks as a good gesture.

It shows that you are a mature individual and professional in your outlook.

Scanning The Job Environment Around You

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Your job should mean much more to you than simply a place that you go to every day. The workplace is filled with employers, co-workers and an overall corporate culture that we need to understand before joining. Unless you can fit in well, the job will soon become toxic. While some companies make zero efforts to encourage employee interrelationships, others do so actively through regular social events and this may appeal to you.

More than the perks of a job, you should focus on how you feel about doing that job. You must ask yourself whether you need the job for your own financial independence. Some students will need a job for security while others may consider this a worthwhile way to spend extra time . Ideally, the job should be able to give you the freedom to live the way you want to.

It should be able to present you with a special purpose which motivates you to stick to it.When you feel that there might be something else more suited to your taste, you should go ahead and give it a try. This may help you to come to a decision about whether you enjoy your existing job or not.

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Work On Your Resume

Your resume will reflect your talents and skills. So, it is imperative that you know what to include and what not to include in your resume. Getting professionals to help you write a resume may be a wise decision. As the resume is meant to market your special skills you can start with a brief summary of your experiences, career milestones and job history.


The key to creativity is to begin with the end in mind, with a vision and a blue print of the desired result.


Don’ts of Resume writing

  1. Be careful not to include incorrect or irrelevant information.
  2. Ambiguous and flowery text that can confuse the reader.
  3. Never forget to update the contact information and ensure you use a professional-looking email address.
  4. A well-written resume will include keywords that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

Some more Do’s & Dont’s on resume Writing (

Acquiring Positive Attitude & Outlook

Attitude is what makes everything a 100%. Bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can’t go very far without changing it.

Positive Attitude

If you are under-confident and pessimistic before you apply, and look unenthusiastic and dejected during an interview, your prospective employer will not be impressed. You need to follow a proper routine while you hunt for that perfect job; this means eating on time and performing your regular chores diligently. You could consider doing volunteer work till you get a good job or use this time to stay updated with industry news. Positive thinking makes you explore newer opportunities and feel energized.

Good Out Look

We all know that first impressions matter the most when you are looking for jobs. So, dressing appropriately is necessary when you interact with prospective employers for the first time. An employer will appreciate when he notices that you have made an effort to dress suited to the job you are applying for.

Finding Out The History & Tradition Of The Company

To let your interviewer know that you are aware of the company’s history you can share your views on what you think makes the company score ahead of its competitors. It is a good practice to be updated about the company’s financial history, its newest products, risks and achievements. You could also get feedback’s from experts and consider questions that you can ask your interviewer about the company.

Balancing Your Beautiful Life


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Juggling between a full time academic degree and a part time job is never going to be easy. So, you should master the art of prioritizing your tasks and scheduling your week in advance. You have to understand that your studies cannot be compromised at any cost. This means that it is important to avoid taking up too much workload when you are unsure about handling it.

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Trying On The Workplace Shoes

Getting co-workers that share your interests, hobbies and backgrounds is difficult and you often have to mask your personality in a guise which befits the surroundings.

Questions To Be Asked To Know More About The Culture

Instead, you could try asking your interviewer questions like-

  1. How the company has helped him to develop professionally ?
  2. You could ask him how it deals with employee failures and whether it encourages risk-taking.
  3. It may be a good idea to find out what he likes most about the company or things that he wishes to change here.

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