Profession And Career Development

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In Week 10 you are required to prepare a Job Application for an advertised job that you have sourced. You will need to customized a Job application to reflect the skills and attributes that will best suit this job.

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Difference between profession and career

Career is defined as the aggregation of paid and unpaid work, learning and life roles that one undertakes during his or her life (Myfuture, 2015). The term was initially associated with paid employment and is now related to continuous learning and development. Profession, on the other hand, is defined as a paid occupation that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification (, 2015).

As per my understanding, my career shall include my entire work experience for various jobs and life roles that I may have experienced during my lifetime. My various job designations, learning experiences, educational degrees and internships shall add towards my career. Profession, on the other hand, shall be restricted to paid occupations that I may choose to indulge in. 

For example, the career of a doctor includes patient care, clinical studies, case presentations, operational procedures, knowledge up gradation, and jobs at hospitals and so on. The profession of the same doctor, on the other hand, is restricted to his paid occupation at a particular organization such as a hospital or a clinic. 

Work Experiences that have contributed to career development

Two work experiences that have substantially contributed towards my career development include communication skills and time management skills. Time management is defined as the ability to prioritize, schedule and complete tasks within a time frame (Walsh, 2008). Time management skills recommend breaking a huge task into smaller tasks and setting deadlines for each of these smaller tasks so that the final task is completed within the set time frame. This skill has been acquired by me during my career training as all academic assignments are time bound in nature with a specific deadline attached to each work. I have as a result learned the ability to prioritize and schedule tasks in a manner that the task is completed within the desired time frame. This skill has also helped me professionally as I am successful in meeting my professional commitments such as project reports on time. 

Communication is defined as the exchange of ideas towards a mutually accepted goal (KAUL, 2000). Communication may be verbal or non-verbal in nature. Verbal communication involves the use of language to convey one's thought processes. Non-verbal communication may be through signs and gestures or written documents. I have enhanced my verbal as well as written communication skills during my career development program that have contributed a great deal in allowing me to effectively communicate in my professional field. I interact with people on a daily basis and can convey my thoughts in an effective manner.

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