Project Management

Project Design Report

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Word Count

650 words


Project Design


2 Days

Assignment Criteria


Outlines the topic, issue, or contention; purpose/aim/objective, and significance of the  project. 

Outlines the theory/methods/research that informed the project intent and direction. 


Series of paragraphs that progressively dig deeper into the above. The body of the report  will: 

  1. Reflect on the strategy developed in response to the topic, issue, or contention, and  applied to resolving the aims and objectives 
  2. Reflect on how the methods were used to implement the strategy 3. Reflect on how the methods were linked to the aims and objectives 4. Reflect on how the feedback from First Showing and EX-CHANGE informed the idea  generation and refinement 
  3. Reflect on the challenges encountered in the design process 
  4. Reflect on how the stategy responds to the concept of whakatinana 


  1. Evaluate the outcome as meeting the stated objectives/theory/research 2. State how you have developed as a designer 
  2. May offer speculations on further associated work 


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Assignment Solution


Most of us can identify with going through nights when the lights are switched off, but sleep eludes us because our mind gets busy with troubling thoughts. Being anxious and worrying is a normal human tendency in challenging situations. Anxiety and worry is nature’s way of helping human beings cope with challenging situations. The difference in modern-day life is that people live with worrying thoughts about their day to day life that are not life-threatening and do not affect their lives if the outcome is different. Research has shown that 37% of the modern population suffers from anxiety attacks and more than 62% of students withdraw from college for reasons of anxiety. My discussions on this topic with people around me confirms that many feel the same way that I do about their daily lives which are struggles with worry and depression not just when facing challenging situations like an exam or interview but about a range of everyday things that should not be causing anxiety.

Purpose, aim, objective.

To You project is aimed at encouraging everyone but mainly people who are feeling stressed, anxious and depressed and feeling lost about the way their life is going and tired of their everyday mechanical life. ToYou is a book for youth worried about their work, choices and future. ToYou promises to provide releasing moments for depressed youth by giving them something positive to think about and carrying them away from worrying thoughts and their everyday workload.

From my explorations on this subject, I came to the conclusion that feelings of depression and worrying thoughts are not something that can be cured all at once, but they can be reduced slowly through small acts of encouragement. 'Sometimes the simplest things help the most,' is a saying by Ange Sampson, a student that I found most inspiring while designing ToYou for youth and people struggling with anxiety and depression.  Monotony sets into everyone's life at some point of time but one little pep talk can make all the difference to a person having anxiety about his everyday life, and this is what I hope to have achieved with ToYou.

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