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Project Management College Fest

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Project Management


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Assignment Criteria

This document is prepared to plan the project of Annual Athletic Meet will be organised by Southern Cross University under the management of various team leaders. This plan moves around three steps: The charter, Communication plan and work break down structure. The charter presents the scope, background, business case and the milestone of the project. The communication plan comprises the interaction, conversation and decision making through different mediums of communication between the stakeholders regarding the structure and other issues of project. The work breakdown structure is the critical understanding of milestone for the right execution.

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Assignment Solution


Every dimension of organizational functioning needs to be planned and monitored for smooth and transparent functioning of an organization. To support such a system, the concept of project management has been used in an organizational scenario that refers to the discipline of minutely considering areas of planning, organizing and controlling organizational resources matched with goals and available resources under a specific timeframe (Lester, 2013). An ideal process chosen for such planning is by preparation of a project charter that has pointers including milestone schedules along with deliverable date guidelines. Also, managing of resource requirements against available resources would also be considered with due consideration to the stakeholder's involvement in the project (Ahmed, 2011). Alternatively, the same would help bring out the project scope against the project.

Under consideration, is the Annual Cultural evening of the 'Southern Cross University' which plans to prepare a project charter for the same. The charter majorly unfolds the path of work chosen for the accomplishment of the event with set standards (Sokowski, 2015). Along with, it communicates the strategy to be followed for transparent communication among the working members for the event (Kloppenborg, 2014).

Project Charter

Project: Annual Cultural Event   Date: 15th November 2015

Scope Overview: 

The scope of a project charter helps bring out the major deliverables along with assessing of the major bottleneck of the project if any along with a detailed back up plan to manage crisis situations (Lester, 2013). In the particular case, it would help list the major and minor tasks in areas of fund collection, schedule planning for the event, crisis management in terms of fund and personnel as well as job allocation. Along with preparing schedule for the programme would be a major inclusion when it comes to the scope of the project. The planning components that majorly form the milestones are included in the chart disclosing the same, whereas a detailed schedule of the event can be outlined as part of the scope of the project which refers to the initiation plans when the theoretical aspect of scope is considered.

The detailed programme schedule is as mentioned below:

Auditorium 1 events

  • Opening speech and addressing guests by Dean, Southern Cross University. The time schedule for the same would be between 10am-10.30am
  • Introduction speech for all participating colleges and events for the day by Cultural Head, Southern Cross University which would be scheduled in between 10.33am-10.45am
  • Cultural Diversity musical presentation- A musical treat by host college students scheduled between 10.50am-11.00 am
  • Dance on Toes- A competing challenge on the dance floor by groups from representing colleges marked on schedule from 11.02am-12.30pm
  • Sing beyond sky- A musical treat for all genres of music lovers. Music will be all around when student artists from all around the world would share the stage for the trophy 'Voice of the year' from 3.05pm to 4.05pm
  • Winner and runners up announcements and prize distribution for dance and singing competition during 4.05-4.30 pm

Amphitheatre College center events 

  • Call for Food- A food fest cum chef presentations where the best of food from across the countries would be presented and served by the choicest of a chain of restaurants from across the world invited to participate. The same would be presented in the time frame from 12.30pm -3.00pm

School Sports Ground

  • College Flag hoisting by University principal and Sports Head announcing the date for Annual Sports Day, 2015 would bring the cultural day to the close.

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