Proposal – Organization's recovery from Strategic Failures

by Dr. Alan October 09, 2018

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Learning about how organisations recover from strategic failures


Executive Summary
The following is a study of the organizations, which has successfully survived a strategic failure. The research methodology that would be used in this research, would be a qualitative research methodology and exploratory in nature. The following paper contains the research proposal for the study of the same, by the researcher. It is divided into three different parts, consisting of introduction, the research configuration and lastly the strengths and limitation of the proposed research that is to be undertaken.
The first part of the proposal is an introduction to the problem in question. It explains how strategic failure is often the result of a flaw in the implementation stage. Through this, the research problem is identified. The research problem that was identified was to find the steps that these organizations who recover from strategic failures take, that separate them from those organizations, which never recover from these strategic failures. Also, are there any common factors or steps that these organizations adopt to overcome strategic failures? This part also, goes on to describe at length the literature review that the researcher has undertaken for the subject. The literature review has been done mostly of journals, cases and books which are published on the subject which are on strategic failures in the organization and also how they recover from it and what mistakes were done by those who could not recover strategic failures.
The second part of this proposal explains how the researcher plans to conduct his research on the subject. The researcher has decided to use the qualitative tool of depth interview and case study analysis for the purpose of the research. Fifteen depth interviews would be taken and four case study analyses of organizations that have succeeded in overcoming a strategic failure shall be done for the purpose of the study.
Lastly, the proposal explains the strengths and limitation of the research that he shall undertake. The main strength of the research is the exploratory nature, which gives a wide scope to understand the subject and avoids all limitations of research which are quantitative in nature. The main limitation is the bias of the researcher, little control of the research, because of the dependency on respondents and inability to statically validate the framework, which would be set.
Above is the brief summary of the proposal, which is to be followed below in the paper.

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Research Problem
It is said that, strategic failure occurs in Organization because; it is not implemented well, rather than having an inherent flaw in the plan itself (Outram, 2014). Strategic failure occurs time to time, in every organization, regardless of the scale, whether it is large, medium or small scale in every industry. Some organization never recovers from it, and such organization perishes. Others overcome it by learning from it and changing few flaws, by taking necessary steps, ensuring its survival in the market (Godkin, 2012). What are the steps that these latter organizations take, that separate them from those organizations, which never recover from these strategic failures? Also, are there any common factors or steps that these organizations adopt to overcome strategic failures?
This is the pertinent question, which this study conducted by the researcher, seem to understand and address, that which are those factors, that help an organization recover from the strategic blunders, that they commit. The objective of the research is to find, the primary factors or steps, which the organization takes to correct the flaws, and recover from the strategic failures. There are researches already done on the subject, which focus on a single organization, and then extrapolate their research finding. This research aims to establish a broader framework, which helps to understand, the factors which help organizations recover from their strategic failures, rather than being an industry focussed or company centric.

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