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by Bella Williams November 29, 2016

Psychology Assignment Samples

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Answer ONE of the following:
a) Do individual differences explain behaviour in the workplace?
b) Do individual differences explain health and illness?

The students are expected to structure your answer as a persuasive essay. The student should refer to at least one theory of personality, at least one theory of intelligence, and empirical research articles.



The concept of Individual Difference has a well-established tradition in the discipline of psychology. There lies an assumption about the universal nature of human behaviour in contrast to which psychologists after analyzing human behaviour have identified the individual differences present in human behaviour with respect to thoughts, emotions, personalities and behaviour. The current essay aims to establish an understanding whether individual differences explain behaviour in the workplace. It is important to study organisational behaviour with respect to understanding individual differences in context to workplace behaviour because variables of individual differences like self-concept, work attitude, skill, emotions, personalities, etc. leave a direct impact on organisational behaviour. (Kalliath, 2011)…

Personality and Intelligence

The discipline of Differential Psychology is divided into two well-defined groups- Researchers researching about Personality Traits and Researchers researching about Intelligence. Intelligence researchers describe the processes as well mechanics that act as a base to the problem-solving ability. Personality Researchers on the other analyse the typical and natural behaviour of human beings. (Furnham, 2008)

As observed by (Furnham, 2008) it is incorrect to view personality and intelligence as independent actors on a measurable variable related to work like output. For instance, bright and stable people would do comparatively better at a complicated job well, but there is an equal possibility that the moderator or mediator variable in that relationship is either personality or intelligence. Work psychology is viewed to be a function of abilities and stable traits that individuals working in an organisation possess. Trait theorists hold the viewpoint that an individual’s behaviour is consistent with respect to cross situations, and one can witness a predictable difference in the social behaviour of individuals in a similar type of situations…

The Five Factor model of personality or the Big Five model of personality dimensions

The Five Factor Model of personality is a construct that describes variations present among individuals with respect to their personality along five angles namely: Extraversion, Openness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism and Agreeableness.  A lot of researchers establish that the structure of these five dimensions of the five-factor model of personality is a “biologically based human universal” approach. The Universal structure of the five-factor model suggests that there exists uniformity in personality traits among human beings and it goes beyond differences present in the form of culture, economy, ideologies, social life and every type of cultural and behavioural expression. (Gurven, et al., 2012)…


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