Public Relations Campaign For Australian Republic Movement

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Word Count

2500 words


Public Relations


5 Days

Assignment Criteria


Create an updated public relations plan for your client, with the ultimate aim to raise a new nationwide awareness, build (and maintain) a more public profile, and generate goodwill with the target publics. In doing this, you will need to address the key arguments of the opposing movement.

What the client already does:

  1. occasional promotion of key arguments to Australia as a whole (eg. on Australia Day)
  2. connects individuals with likemindedproponents
  3. operates a website
  4. produces an occasional television advertisement (eg.

(You can choose to build on these strategies, or you can develop your own.)


  1. The political movement you choose has to maintain its relevancy in an increasingly multicultural Australia.
  1. It wishes to create a new groundswell of support among:

          Young Australians (18 – 25 year olds)

          New Australian citizens

  1. It also wishes to overcome some of the negativity attached to the previous campaign (1999).

choose one campaign then let me know


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Assignment Solution

Situational Analysis

The Australian Republic Movement (ARM) was founded in July 1991 after the Australian Labor party adopted antimonarchism as a rule. The ARM is a non-partisan group that advocates a change in the constitution of Australia to be a republic form of government instead of a constitutional monarchy.  ARM's first chairperson was Thomas Keneally, other founding members were Malcolm Turnbull, an investment banker, Ian Chappell, captain of the Australian cricket team and is currently headed by Geoff Gallop. (Anon., n.d.)

There is an argument from the ARM that Australia must replace the monarchy with republic state, and head of the state should be a citizen of Australia. Regarding this, a referendum was held in Australia on November 6th, 1999. The citizens of Australia were asked to vote for two proposed laws:

  • Alteration of constitution (Republic)

Alteration of constitution implies that in order to establish Australia as a republic such that the president, who is appointed by the majority of Commonwealth parliament members, should replace the Queen and Governor-general

  • Alteration of Constitution (Preamble)

Altering the constitution in order to insert a preamble.

Both the proposed changes, which had been put to electors in Australia in 1999 referendum, faced a rejection. Therefore, the above-mentioned proposals could not be carried forward. (Hamer, 2015)

There are certain reasons which were identified for this failure. Mr.Keating who was the Prime minister of Australia in 1999 found it difficult to shape the connections successfully to the alliance parties through Australia to receive the comprehensive agreement. There is some sign that after referendum similar errors may be committed by the ongoing supporters of the republic. Changing the Australian constitution in such a substantial detail was an attempt to enforce the needs of understanding and adaptation to the revolution which was not acceptable to the bulk of Australian voters. Three targets were identified to insert the thoughts of few of the supporters an insistence to achieve the change rapidly.The first was the upcoming transformation of the century, the opening of the new millennium. The second was the decision to organize the Olympic games in Australia, third, the centennial of Australian Confederation was to be celebrated in 2001. For many Australians none of these issues very substantially important to compel them for a change over a short notice period. After making an analysis of the failure of referendum it was pointed out that ARM should have taken some more time to bring in the changes (Australia, 2000)

The client needs the awareness of ARM to be increased on the national basis. Due to the lack of understanding of the constitution and government systems in the Australian community, only 82% of the Australians in the age range of 18-25 were enrolled to vote in the elections of 2004. Researchers have also analyzed that only half of the youth would vote if voting is not compulsory and the reason for this resistance is the lack of knowledge (Davies, 2011).

There is a hope that there an increase in the public profile of ARM will generate a favorable response of voters towards this particular movement. The Australian Republic Movement would like to increase the awareness among young Australians and new Australian citizens. There is also an aspiration to spread responsiveness to a widespread series of cultures in Australia. Since Australia is a multicultural country, therefore there is a need to spread the community outline and create goodwill with the new Australian citizens. (Jones, 2013)


To increase a nation-wide responsiveness, build a more community profile and create goodwill among Australian youth (18-24 years) and new Australian citizens.

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