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by Admin Support August 14, 2014

I have always been asked by students to tell them some magical formula of report writing that would get them excellent grades. Most of the times they face difficulty either to understand the assignment question or even when they understand the question, they do not know the flow of the report. So I thought of taking this specific problem at hand and give them a basic rule to follow which might help them making better assignments in the future easily.

Before mentioning the 3 magical points I would like to tell the students about the reason of the university to ask you to do an assignment. Once it is clear it will be easy to expertise the art of writing a good assignment. One of the major contributions of any university of this world is to give its students an exposure of many great theorists and experts quickly so that instead of a student making mistakes and learning, the student directly knows the best way of solving a problem. For e.g. An unlearned business man will do so many trials and errors to understand to do a business successfully, but an MBA marketing student knows Marketing maestro Philip Kotler’s 5 Ps of marketing which are Product, Price, Place and Promotion….

.Having understood this now a university expects you to know the concepts and theories, and in addition to it, they want you to be experts applying these concepts for any case or situation. So when an assignment comes your way, then you must try to divide you assignment solution in 3 equal parts (in terms of word limits).These are those 3 broad sections of your assignment solution…

  1. Assignment gravity
  2. Mention theory
  3. Application of theory

Let us see these 3 points in details


1. Assignment gravity: The first of the three parts should be contributed to assignment explanation. This will include one or many of the following

  • Mention what is required to do with the assignment
  • Mention the scope of the assignment
  • Mention the limitations or assumptions you need to have while answering the case at hand.
  • You must always do a scenario analysis. This can include mentioning about marketing, government, company, stakeholders, and industry analysis. Few of them are PESTLE analysis, SWOT analysis, and Profit and loss analysis.

2. Mention theory:  After having understood the gravity of the assignment you must see what are the theories which you can apply to solve the case. This is not as difficult as it sounds. Most of the times the assignment will require you to use the theories of the past sessions which your tutor or professor must have taken. Do not forget to add pictures and references of the theories Read more on referencing.

 3. Application of theory: This is the most creative part of the assignment where you have to link the first part with the second i.e. You need to apply the theory to the assignment case study and give your suggestions and creative solutions. So in this case you have suggested the solution by not taking assumptions, but backing your solutions with an established theory or concepts.

So these were the 3 steps you must take while solving any assignment or report in your university.

Hope you liked it.

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