Project Management

Resource Place and Communication Plan

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Assessment Type

Project Plan

Word Count

2500 words


Project Management


3 Days

Assignment Criteria

Detailed Plan Covering the following points: 10 marks

You don't need to use those subheadings, they're just some ideas

1. Resources  

  • Resources of people (200 words)
  • Contractor resources (200 words)
  • Suppliers (200 words)Communication (200 words)

2. Communication (200 words)

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Assignment Solution

1. Resourcing

Resourcing is essential for the success of this project as uninterrupted availability of resources determine the timely completion of this project (Stembridge, 2015). Various resources involved in this construction project are as follows.

  • Raw materials like sand, bricks, stone, cement, tiles, paints and pipes and fittings
  • Equipments include drillers, concrete mixer, layers, cranes, distributing vehicles, dump trucks and trucks
  • Subcontractors supply labour required for the construction work
  • Employees who are part of the design and consulting team

Raw Material Requirement and Ordering

On behalf of Prestige Worldwide, the procurement officer will compile a list of raw materials required for the project based on the interaction with project team. The next step will be the identification of suppliers who are located near the construction site and are able to deliver just-in-time (Saraf, 2013). This model is used to avoid inventory costs and ensure enough space is available for the operations of the rest of the building. Proper contracts and delivery schedule will be shared with the suppliers to ensure consistent supply of raw materials.

Equipment Sourcing

Heavy equipments required for this project will be leased from the chosen leasing service provider(s) based on a proposal submitted by them (Chinchore & Khare, 2014). Leasing contracts will be duly signed so that equipments are readily available as when and required. In order to avoid congestion at the construction area, the heavy equipment will be called-in only when required. This helps to avoid expenses incurred during unused period and ensures profitability of the project.


Subcontractors will be utilized to assist the employees of Prestige Worldwide to carry out the construction activities. A proposal will be received from them on request and the ideal one is selected to ensure consistent supply of resources. At the time of signing contracts, the proposed schedule will be shared. Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements will be signed to secure the data shared with them. Any revisions in the project schedule will be communicated to them in advance. In case of non-performance of a resource, details will be formally communicated to subcontractors to take necessary action.


The specialized tasks involved in this construction project are full-time employees of Prestige Worldwide who include designers and architects and technology specialists of Westfield Corporation. Being skilled, these employees are used across different projects (Raiden, Dainty, & Neale, 2008). Whereas labourers involved in bricklaying, plastering, plumbing and other construction activities are hired through subcontractors. This will be a feasible option to improve profitability as it is difficult to hire and employ low-skilled labour for a short duration.

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