Situational Verbs And Phrases

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Critical Essay

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3000 words




7 Days

Assignment Criteria

Write a critical essay with a detailed lesson on Situational verbs and phrases

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The target group for the present study is class 8th ESL students in a higher secondary school. The total number of students are twenty five with a varied multilingual background. All the students have learned English as their second language. 

The diverse language background of the students includes Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, and French. Apart from their different language background, their educational, social and financial background is also very different from each other. Three Muslim and two Chinese students of the class performed very poorly in their language assessment tests. Their parents work either in a factory or in the restaurant; and thus hardly able to give them a healthy educational environment. One reason is that they don't get time for their kids; whereas it is also true at the same time that they don't understand its importance in the larger sense. Five of these students have a very low speaking efficiency and them special aid to cope up with the class (Lin 2012). The teacher has implemented special techniques for them so that they can participate maximum in the class activities. One of the reasons for their slow development has been identified by the teacher. They are so conscious of the low performance that they try to avoid class participation, and by doing so they learn very less in the classroom. The syllabus has been designed for the betterment of all the students keeping this in mind that the participation and performance should be an equal and impartial as possible (Goodwin 1999). 

Rest of the twenty students are performing well through their English still needs to be improved. Their proficiency level is not as bad as they have got a good environment in their homes and their parents make them watch English movies and take them to English museums and book fairs. Although they speak their native or mother tongue at their home, they are able to understand the lessons and perform better. The students mentioned before has been given special aids to develop their level of social and educational confidence. They have also been told the importance and advantages of hard work and persistence which may lead to their equal status in the class. These students basically belong to the first generation immigration families, that's why they are doing this course to improve their communication skills for the English language. 

I have assessed their proficiency level on two basis: the first task was named as 'Situational Verbs and Phrases' in which the students were asked to give particular word category; the second task was a text analysis in which I took a paragraph from the novel, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. The students were expected to answer the asked questions after I read the paragraph for them.

Aims of the unit

ESL (English as a Second Language Learners) actually need to access and understand their curriculum while improving and developing their English at the same time. The aim of this unit is to provide them with BICS (Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills) and then further develop their CALP (Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency) for their successful and full academic growth. This unit would help the students in understanding the basics verbal and phrasal verb constructions of English language as well as it would help them in deconstructing and analyzing a text (Flynn et al. 2004).

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