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Social Responsibility, Communication And Teamwork Importance

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Word Count

2000 words


5 Days

Assignment Criteria


For your final assignment, you need to write a 1500-2000 word essay in response to the question  below: 

Employers assume that their graduate employees will have attained certain attributes  that contribute to citizenship within the workplace. The Charles Darwin University  graduate attributes identify social responsibility, communication, and teamwork as the  skills that make up 'workplace citizenship'. 

Discuss whether social responsibility, communication, and teamwork are important skills  in your current or future workplace. You should discuss why they are important or not  and as part of your evidence, give examples of how they are used. 

Special instructions: 

You must support your arguments with in-text citations, and paraphrased ideas from  credible academic sources.  

You must include at least 5 references from academic sources other than the 3 core  readings. Note: You can use the 3 core readings, but at least 5 references should be  from your own research.  

Whether you choose to use the 3 core readings or not, you must have a minimum of 6 references.  

Reference your supporting research using consistent formatting with in-text citations  and a completed reference list at the end of your essay.  

Indicate which standard system of referencing you are following (APA, Harvard). While  we have used APA to guide you in this unit, you can use the system most commonly  used in your area of study. 


You need to submit your Final Essay with a completed cover sheet in the 'Assignment  Submission' area of Learnline. You should submit your Final Essay before midnight on Sunday of week 12. 

For a detailed guide on correctly setting up your Word document for this assignment, check the  guidelines for Assignment 4 in the 'Assignment Tasks' and find link 'Formatting Your Final  Essay'

NOTE: If your essay does not sufficiently meet the assessment criteria (see the 'Marking  Criteria for Assignment 4' under 'Assessment Tasks' in Learnline) – your tutor will ask you to  resubmit a new version that satisfies the requirements. If you are asked to re-submit, the  maximum grade you will be able to achieve is a Pass.

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Assignment Solution


Charles Darwin University graduate attributes are defined as those necessary skills for professionals or human beings, which are essential for them to learn during their student life irrespective of their discipline of education. These skills help students to become a successful professional, a successful member of the society and in leading a successful life. These attributes help students in molding them into a strong, smart, intelligent and socially responsible human being. The Charles Darwin University graduate attributes basically try to nourish three segments of behavioral growth in an individual. They are:

  • Personal Practical Knowledge
  • Citizenship
  • World View


Each of these segments of attributes has few distinct human traits to develop and strengthen. First, we will be discussing each one of them in brief.

  • Personal Practical Knowledge: This segment basically contains set of attributes which actually help an individual to perform and achieve in his or her professional environment. This includes four attributes as per the Charles Darwin graduate attributes.
    • Acquisition:  It is defined as the capability of a person to acquire technological skills that help them to complete a given task efficiently.
    • Application: It is basically the development of three major attributes. They are problem analysis and solving skills, planning skills and self-administration & management skills (Smith, 2001). Problem analysis and solving skills help an individual helps them to read an issue in work life and develop an appropriate solution for it. Planning skills makes an individual capable to plan and design productive outcomes by reading a situation. At last self-administration and management helps an individual and employee to stay satisfied and boost personal growth.
    • Creativity: This is the development of nurturing the quality of innovation in an individual which helps him or her in developing creative solutions under different circumstances.
    • Knowledge Base: It is the ability of an individual to acquire information and knowledge about a particular domain that helps in maintaining his/her job in the organization.

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