Statistics And Research Methods For Business Decisions

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Assessment Type

Research Proposal

Word Count

1000 words


Statistics & Research Methods


3 Days

Assignment Criteria

The FINAL research proposal will consist of the following NINE (9) items:

  1. A business research topic.
    Strengthen and improve initial proposal. 
  2. A brief literature review of the research topic
    Produce 2 to 3 pages on background information on your research topic. 
  3. Research questions for the identified problem or opportunity
    Strengthen and improve initial proposal 
  4. Appropriate research methodologies and techniques to use for the research project
    Strengthen and  improve initial proposal 
  5. A project plan using a Gantt Chart and clearly defined milestones (if in a group with clearly defined individual tasks, contributions and milestones)
    Use Microsoft Project or other software to produce the Gantt Chart.
    Your milestones for HI6008 are:
    Week 6: Literature Review due.
    Week 10: Data Collection and Analysis Report due.
    Week 14: Final Business Research (Capstone) Thesis due.  
  6. Description of the research process
    Strengthen and improve initial proposal 
  7. Description of data collection and analysis methods
    Strengthen and improve initial proposal 
  8. Description of expected research outcomes
    Strengthen and improve initial proposal 
  9. A completed Ethics Checklist.
    Complete and sign ethics checklist below and attach with FINAL research project proposal.

All students will need to pass the final research proposal submitted in week 12 to be able to start the capstone research proposal in HI6008 the following semester.

Submit hard copy of FINAL research report to Holmes by 4pm on Friday of Week 12.

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Assignment Solution

Chapter1: Introduction

  1. Business Research Topic: 

The importance of Service Quality in Brand Building: A case study of Starbucks in the United States of America (USA)   

Study Background

Competition gets viral over the global market due to the entrance of the small and medium players in the global market with the bigger retailer like Starbucks. So, the brand is a so much valuable aspect in order to aware people about a product or service. Service quality matters since whenever a customer pays for something they perceive as a worthy and valuable product or services (Dutta, 2012). Starbucks, an international retailer offers coffee with the great ambience within its store.

Problem Statement

The issue of the study is that consumers changing nature of needs and perception for getting superior products, and great services affect the fact of brand building (Sheikh et al., 2014). So, it is required to get updated about the customer's demands and needs since if Starbucks fail to provide, so there are so many other market players, who are ready to deliver those. 

Aim of Research

The study aims to demonstrate how much important service quality for building a brand specifically for products or services for the companies.   

Research Objectives

  • To identify the effects of  service quality in the brand building in Starbucks
  • To determine the dimensions responsible for effects of service quality in brand building in Starbucks
  • To recognize the importance of service quality in brand building in Starbucks
  • To recommend the ways for elevating service quality for a building of brand in Starbucks     

Research Questions

  • How service quality influence brand building in Starbucks?
  • Which dimensions are responsible for the effects of service quality in brand building in Starbucks? 
  • How much is service quality important in brand building in Starbucks? 
  • How can Starbucks elevate its service quality for building the brand?   


H: 1

H: 1:0: Service quality effects the brand building in Starbucks

H: 1:1: Service quality does not affect the brand building in Starbucks

H: 2

H: 2:0: Dimensions of service quality is associated with the brand building of Starbucks

H: 2:1: Dimensions of service quality is not associated with the brand building of Starbucks

H: 3

H: 3:0: There is an important of service quality in brand building of Starbucks

H: 3:1: There is no importance of service quality in brand building of Starbucks

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