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Stereotyping Comparative analysis of two business events Article in Australia

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Word Count

3000 words


Media Studies


5 Days

Assignment Criteria

The purpose of this task is to demonstrate an understanding of the way the  media produces particular kinds of representations, with reference to both course materials and additional academic sources, by addressing the following topic:

Comparatively analyse the representation of one stereotype (e.g. 'the nerd', 'the jock', 'the blonde', etc) in two current texts from any of the media industries discussed in the course (e.g. two magazine articles, two TV shows, two films, etc).

By 'current' text, we mean that the text must have been in circulation this year for the very first time (e.g. films that were released this year, TV episodes first aired this year, magazines first published this year, etc). 

You should aim to provide a comprehensive analysis of the selected stereotype  in your two texts, including explicitly considering how its representation compares in those two texts (in terms of similarities and/or differences).  

You should also consider the contexts of its representation such as:  

– how has the stereotype previously been represented in the medium/ form you've focused on? Are there trends in the representation of the stereotype? How do your texts compare to these trends? 

Materials from the course and beyond, including academic references sourced  from the USQ Library and journal databases, should be used. This is an academic work and should use academic formats and modes of address. 

The assignment can be structured however you feel it best to convey your analysis. Apply a structure that enables you to present your analysis fully.

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Assignment Solution

More often than not, people in a community or a larger group belonging from specific ethnic origin or cultural background implement stereotyping to define their own cultural identity. From a psychiatrist's point of view, this scan is explained as a natural behavioural aspect of society that is attributed to the feeling of more relatable to the community that they immediately belong from. People from all over the world on a nation wise basis implement stereotyping to define their culture background and stand (council, 2016). The reason and elements of each might be different, but the underlying principle is unchanged in every situation. For example, Italian origin people find themselves priding on their taste of great style and fashion know-how. Similarly, the French take pride in their elegance, while the Japanese and the Chinese define their hardworking abilities as one of their similar traits that attribute to their communal belonging and cultural origin. The situation is similar in Australia. The people of Australia are divided into two major origin-based categories, the indigenous and the non- indigenous population. Similarly, the Australian guided for citizenship has clear indications making a statement which necessarily means that every Australian citizen takes pride in the fact that their nation was not developed by bloodshed or war synonymous to revolution but as logical negations and understanding between rivalries(Cabrera, 2009). In the similar context, this document is aimed at justifying few stereotyping instances in the light of the two articles studied that reflect some current decision making in the Australian tourism industry and thereby analyzing the critical elements to discover any possible leads of stereotyping in the presentations. A significant section has been provided for the comparative analysis section, which will provide a clear and concise idea regarding the compassion between the same. 

Concept of Business Events

Business events may be described as those events of business development and marketing that are essential to be arranged from time to time in order to reach out to a large number of customers spread across different market backgrounds. These are spontaneous processes and can be attributed to the normal operational aspects of a business that are a part of everyday business processes for any organization or sector private or public (creations, 2016). Additionally, business events must be developed and implemented in a business process automation context as these form a basis or platform for business notifications, marketing initiatives and entry into newer and infant markets.

Most geographical locations around the world which thrive on tourism business for a major section of their national income are also depended upon business events related to tourism and development of cultural heritage. Business events are especially significant in motivating tourism aid the development and advertising of a particular tourism destination. In order to cope with increasing competitiveness in the tourism sector and tourists and travellers always looking forward to a unique location with best facilities, the significance of pre-planned events in tourism business has been aggravated to a whole new level (Diepold, 2016).

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