Studies, Love and Passion: A Deadly combination

by Bella Williams June 17, 2020

How often we mix up things? How often do we combine equations in astrophysics to derive a much-used relation? Hasn’t it been fascinating for us getting acquainted with social relationships and obligations? In a minute or so, we blend our interests and chase our dream, don’t we? Life has offered us with a lot of options and alternatives, which we find much appealing to experiment.

A manager needs a splendid combination of players to challenge the title. A chef has to squeeze up the perfect ingredients to offer piquant dishes.

Similarly, a time comes when you have to choose only one option among many. Individuals opine differently. Some may want to have him focused on a single thing. But, there are others who would love to participate in all those alternatives of life.

Once you are a teen and get enrolled in a university, you are there with full enthusiasm and fieriness. You have plans, you are there to do something great; something which you would be proud of. But, everything is not that sophisticated. You may have to confront tremendous problems. One of those problems is culling what is best for you.

When you get familiar with the environment, you make several connections. Those connections are special to you because arouses positivity in you. On the other hand, you have some dreams, some aspirations to achieve which constantly fetches you towards your present objective; studies. While you are there, you realize your interest and become passionate about a thing and desperately want to accomplish that. So what to choose-love, studies, passion or all?

Studies, to some extent, build a platform for you to achieve all you want to achieve. It basically nourishes a sense of enthusiasm and energy in you; pours questions, which make you deepen in the ocean of knowledge. Studies keep on cautioning you that you are chasing something or you are being chased by something.

When you get bombarded with a lot of botherations, you just need a companion. You only know how soothing it is to have a companion who soaks your pressure in your oppression.

Likewise, passion is doing what you want; what you feel is right. This is when dedication, life goals, sacrifices actually come into real life existence.

Sometimes, in search of constant knowledge, one seeks passion and ends up admiring and having someone.

You have a companion and you are spending marvellous time with her. You have been there with her at nights, at casinos, bars, in the parks, travelling around and chilling out. You get a sense of satisfaction when you are with her and she also feels same about you.

But sometimes, it’s been tough for you to give her time. It’s really been arduous to complete the thesis. On top of that, your love repeatedly calls you to be with together. You sometimes get irritated and perplexed what to do and what not. You start inquiring yourself if you were compromising your life goals.

It’s been hard to catch up with the studies as well. The lectures are going on top of your head. And you don’t have a clue of what the quantum mechanics is; you can’t commemorate the simple biological terms.

But you find yourself pretty good at playing violin and love to play anytime and anywhere. Maybe, you aren’t passionate about what you are studying rather you may be passionate about something else. But, it’s difficult, especially when it comes to families who have lots of expectations that you would come as a successful engineer or a doctor.

Chasing your passion and achieving proficiency in that will give tremendous pleasure to you. “But, will that make my dad happy who has had a loan to complete my higher studies?” you start thinking about it. That’s when it’s difficult to wrestle with your studies and passion.

You just love the essence of doing that thing. Gradually, you become passionate and just don’t have studies in your mind. A time comes when you get smashed with pathetic grades which make your confidence low and you feel like surrendering everything. While chasing passion you spoil your studies which, in turn, makes you one among many dropouts of the university and most importantly, emotionally feeble.

Once you start chasing your passion, you start loving life. You feel it’s great to do something fascinating and intriguing.

When life is not going well, you need a shoulder by your side where you can rest your head. Your loving one convinces you that everything will be fine and motivates you each second. She convinces you that you were right and you should constantly chase your dream and achieve it. That’s when you start believing in yourself; that’s when you need love. The simple words from someone turn out to be magical and you get that optimism again and right.

It depends on what you choose-love, studies or passion. Mixing up all these would be a daring thing to do whose consequence depends on the individual itself. It may bring enormous positivity in your life and you may stand among the best in the mass, acknowledging superiority. But, at the same time, if the gamble fails you may have tough situations encountering in your life.

It’s often said ‘Stay focused’. But striving to get something more is a human nature. Survival is the prime thing. Make your combinations right.

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