Summative Assessment Challenge For Me As A Social Worker

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Word Count

2500 words


Social work


5 Days

Assignment Criteria

This assignment will require you to identify and discuss what you consider to be a key challenge for you as a social worker.

Normally, you would be expected to focus on some aspect of the material covered in topics 7 -11:

  • Discrimination and inequalities
  • Social welfare states and social policy
  • International social work
  • Anti-racist social work
  • Thinking ecologically in social work

Students who wish to write on other issues should seek permission from the unit chair at least 2 weeks prior to the due date.

Students should have one main focus only. We are interested in a thorough exploration of why one particular issue is likely to be challenging for you as a social worker, rather than a discussion about what are issues for social workers in general.

It would normally be expected that you use at least 6 references in this assignment. Your weekly readings are a good place to start, but you should also use the library to find some additional references – books and/or articles and not rely solely on search engines such as Google for reference material.

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Assignment Solution


Every field of practice has its own challenges, for instance, counseling may face different challenges, sociology may face different challenges, and so does any other field. Similarly, social work may also pose different threats and challenges to the social workers. The field of social work is a dynamic field, wherein a social worker has to constantly engage oneself to provide with help and support in various community services. The social worker also needs to keep up with the values and fundamentals of practice, in order to do justice for his/ her role. A social worker thus has to facilitate the tasks of a counselor, care manager, advocate, agent of social worker and risk and need assessor (Fook, J., 2012). The following assessment is a work that identifies key challenge for me as a social worker. The work elaborates on my understandings of social work practice and how it will be difficult for me to implement all the principles and tasks of social work to justify my role as a social worker (Montie et al., 2009). 

Social Work Practice

Social work is a problem-solving activity, in which the focus lies on an individual, families, and community that provides with a network of social support. The core value system is based on civil and human rights, whereby the social model is a framework for practice. The main aim of social work is to maximise the opportunities and life chances for people by identifying their strengths and experience to increase their capacities. Therefore, social work is a critical role, wherein the social worker should be capable to help people and identify their expertise to develop a better place for them. Moreover, this field requires a social worker to take up various social functions to help with social integration, social control function and address the social policies. Hence, the field of social work is a problem-solving practice that is achieved by the relationship of a social worker with individual, family, and community. The support of social workers is required when individuals or groups face major challenges, which can also be life-changing. The role of a social worker is to help these people and provide them with a better outcome. While addressing these issues, a social worker may come across various challenges that may not be easy to resolve. Providing a fresh start to people is not always simple and requires hard work and patience by the social workers. It is also very important to understand the issues of people and empathize with them, in order to provide with righteous justice. Thus, the field of social work is an ever challenging task and requires the social worker to be on toes constantly and provide with the right kind of help to the society (Fook, J., 2012). 

Challenge for me as a Social Worker

The main challenge for me as a Social Worker will be to understand the problems of people. I have often found to question myself that in practice would I be able to understand the fears and problems of people? Would I be able to empathize with them? Can I work in a diverse environment and be equal to every individual? Would I be able to understand different cultures and help people in different contexts? Can I provide with culturally safe practices?

Personally, I think I am a good counselor and I have always helped and counseled people around me in times of difficulty and hard situations. But providing help, a realistic help in the really difficult situation is a different task altogether. For instance, in the case of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, in order to provide with support and help, it is extremely important for the social worker to understand their problems and underlying causes for these problems. I do not know if I can enhance my sensitivity and provide them with a culturally safe environment. My goal will be to help them and get them educated, try to minimise or eradicate substance abuse and domestic violence among these group. But what really confuses me is the fact that would I be able to understand their scenario completely. I believe that the most appropriate way to have a cultural sensitivity is to have empathy for people and communities. And it is very important to understand their challenges by keeping oneself in their shoes. What I feel may be problematic for is to practice empathy and feel it for each and every case that I take. It is also important to realize that social work may not be limited to one particular region, and there may be chances of traveling and helping the communities of the different region. And I think that in spite of understanding the fundamental of social work practice, I may mock a region or have a cultural shock in my initial practice (Australian Health minister’s advisory council, 2010).

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