Business Management

Sustainability in a Changing Environment

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Assessment Type

Individual Assignment

Word Count

2500 words


Change Management


3 Days

Assignment Criteria

Description of the task 

Change and sustainability are inextricably linked. The way that an organisation approaches change is  based on its commitment to sustainability, the challenges it faces, the drivers for change, and a range of  organisational and industry characteristics. Choosing one of the two case studies provided, you will develop  a change strategy for the implementation of sustainability related change within the organisation. Your  change strategy should focus on applying change management theory and include an appropriate change  meta-model/perspective, change tool and recommendations which address the key practical and  theoretical considerations likely to be relevant for the success of the change, particularly in relation to  socially responsible and sustainable business practices.  

There is no set structure for this assignment but you will be assessed on both your report content and written  expression. You are expected to draw on a range of academic texts and to provide a complete and accurate  reference list. It is important that you demonstrate how the various elements of your proposed change  approach (sustainability problem + meta-model/perspective + change tool + recommendations) are  complementary, appropriate for the organisational context and problem, and address sustainability, ethical  and social responsibility concerns. 

What to cover in the report 

  1. Identify a problem that the organisation in your chosen case study is facing (this can be the same as  your presentation or you can choose a different problem). Briefly describe the problem and the  sustainability outcome you are hoping to achieve with this change. In particular you should consider  what kind of sustainability problem it is, why it is a sustainability problem that the organisation should  address, and why this change is necessary from a social responsibility/sustainability perspective. 
  2. The sustainability phase model describes an organisation's level of commitment to and practice with  respect to human and ecological sustainability. Identify and briefly describe the sustainability  phase the organisation is in currently and where this change will move the organisation to and why. Identify and describe a change meta-model or perspective which frames your change approach  and describes the nature of the change or how the process of change will be approached (e.g. fast,  slow, top-down, bottom up, incremental, radical).  
  3. A change tool provides the framework for change and determines how the change will happen. Select  an appropriate change tool, describe its key features, and critique its strengths and  weaknesses with respect to the proposed change approach.  

4. Recommend ways of exploiting the strengths and addressing any limitations of the selected  change approach to ensure that the change is both sustainable and socially responsible (i.e. it  recognises and addresses the potential impacts on people, the business and the environment).

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Assignment Solution


With growing complexities in businesses, a very prominent fact observed by businesses are adapting to changes. The report analyses the case of Pepsi co. Ltd. It details the sustainable change being undergone by the company based on identified issues of criticisms being raised against the company in areas of social and environmental sustainability as identified based on the case and also suggests superior model and tool bring out better results in the same regard. The meta-model would majorly be based on the guided approach of incremental growth with similar tools that would help overall benefit improvisation in the processes promoting growth. The work ends with a note on suggested recommendations based on detailed analysis of the case that nullifies the controversies that have been brought out in the case.

Problem Identification

Started in the 19th century, the refreshing drink manufacturer took a big leap in business in the year2009, which marked, a changing phase for the organisation Pepsi Co., after several hardships faced in its journey, including bankruptcy and even shut down (Stoddard, 2013). With the growing consciousness of businesses into the aspect of sustainability, the company started facing controversies and criticisms based on its responsibility towards social and environmental aspects that seem to be negatively impacted by its operations and products. The major criticisms were mainly related to managing its production process to limit wastes in the form of bottles and cans, chemicals along limiting groundwater usage. Also, falling sales was a major issue  (Purkayastha & Rao, 2012).

These being the main areas of criticism, the company planned a strategy with a perspective to bring in incremental change in its sustainability concerns and performance (Reputation Institute, 2014).  The strategy was named “Performance with Purpose”. The strategy considered four main dimensions as the areas of change, including performance, human, environment and talent sustainability.  

 When the results of the implementation of the strategy are checked, quite a considerable growth in terms of attainment in the areas of sustainability could be seen. The company was ranked as number 1 under the food and beverage industry as per Dow Jones Sustainability Index (Purkayastha & Rao, 2012).

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