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Word Count

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Education and Teaching


3 Days

Assignment Criteria

In this assignment, you are required to develop a set of resources for a one-week writing program (5  workshops/lessons). You will first need to develop a curriculum plan based on the teaching-learning circle  (TLC). You will then focus on one of the lessons and develop a set of tasks and resources for the lesson. You  will be given further details on the structuring of the assignment.

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Assignment Solution

Curriculum Plan:

A brief description of the students

This curriculum is designed for the first year students of English Literature who aspire to be in academics. They want to do make their career in language teaching, literary writing and research. The students are good in English language but lack the technicality of writing skills. For example, they are not aware of different genres and registers while writing in English. English is their second language. Most of them have studied English for almost ten years from their school time. This curriculum plan has been designed in a way that would enable them in writing literary texts, media texts, and reports. 

2. Learning objectives and outcomes

The objective of this plan is to enable the students in writing literary texts, reports and media texts. For this, they would need to exercise their creativity as well as the theoretical frameworks of writing. Where the way to express their creativity is highly important for a literary text like short stories, a novella and so on, the theoretical frameworks and basis would be needed to write a report or a media text as these writings should be crisp and precise in their meaning. I aim to teach the techniques of writing poetry, short stories, and novella in the last three workshops. In the first two workshops, I would focus on report writing under discourse analysis and media text writing. 

3. Program overview

  • Workshop 1: Theoretical Framework for Writing: SFL, DA 
  • Workshop 2: Report and Media Text Writing: Context, Genre, Register, Mode
  • Workshop 3: Principles of Creative Writing: Fiction, Non-fiction, Words as Images
  • Workshop 4: Short Story and Poetry Writing: Realism, Humor, Imagination, Theme
  • Workshop 5: Novella Writing: Composition, Creation, and Completion of a text 

This program is based on the teaching-learning cycle (TLC). There would be five workshops of four hours each day. This is a one-week workshop plan with intensive learning. In the first workshop I would, first of all, teach some important theoretical frameworks as Systematic Functional Linguistics. I would further deal with Discourse Analysis so that they are made aware of how to analyze the discourse of written text with SFL theory. I would further explain the principles of SFL by analyzing a written text for their clear understanding. In the second workshop, they would require to define the genre of a text given to them and would also be required to analyze them with the theory of Appraisal.

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