Things which international students miss overseas

by Bella Williams June 19, 2020

If you are planning to try your luck in a different country or want to take admission in a good university abroad, you should know a few general things related to this. And one such issue is the problems faced in foreign countries by students in their initial days. But worry not, as time will teach you to cope up with these problems and soon you will be comfortable with the country, the people and its culture.

Here in this post we have summarized a few notable problems which are likely to become hurdles in your path in the first few weeks.


No matter what struggles you face in the initial days, be sure not to quit



All the mamma’s boy and daddy’s princess swill surely need some time to adjust to the new conditions. But once you make a girlfriend/boyfriend, things will change.

The cutie back home

All those loyal and sincere, committed lover who can’t even think of living without their sweethearts will surely find it tough to handle during the initial days. Soon you will learn to adjust.

The language barrier

Now you will regret skipping those language and grammar classes back home to punch a beer can with friends. Luckily, you have two hands and sooner or later you become expert in sign language.

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The daily chores

Be it arranging your book shelves, cleaning the room, the laundry duties or any other work, you will always face some difficulties in the first few weeks or months or even a year.

The food

If you are coming from a country with a totally different food habit, it is obvious to have some indigestion, loose motions and soundless farts in the beginning. Do not panic, with time your digestive system will learn to adjust!

Rest in peace dear omelette

With a plan to make an omelette you ended up discovering an unknown item? Click some pictures and try getting a patent for this discovery.

Hole in the pocket

Unless you have a rich best friend you will always run short of money in this new country. If you cannot brainwash a rich brat to take care of your expenses, try getting a rich girlfriend instead (though the chances of this prospect are lean too).

Your class teacher is from a different planet

No, he is not! Only because you cannot grasp the frequency of his lessons does not make him an alien. Try learning their accent instead of complaining!


All good things require some effort and pain to happen.


You can’t shout at your girlfriend           

A major problem with lack of fluency in English is that before you complete a sentence, your girlfriend will wrap up the whole argument! However, one advantage of this is that in most of the cases when your angry lover uses bombastic English phrases, words and idioms against you, you do not have a clue to what she says which in turn saves you from the unnecessary irritation.

No Entry in the gang

Sometimes it is the language, sometimes the culture and sometime the diversity! No matter how hard you try to mix with the guys here you just can’t match yourself to their frequencies. Well, it happens! You will take time to adjust to a new land, new people and the new lifestyle altogether. Be patient!

By the way, if you are a hottie, things may be totally different in your case.

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