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Urban Dynamics And Change

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Assessment Type

Case Study

Word Count

5000 words


Urban Dynamics


7 Days

Assignment Criteria

Where was the field trip? How long was it? 

What kind of observations is the instructor looking for?

A list of sites we’ll visit for our field excursion day. You may use any of these to begin your investigation for assignment 3 and 4. The sites are:
1) CUB (Carlton United Breweries) site. Located NW corner of Swanston St. and Victoria St., Melbourne
2) QV (Queen Victoria) site. Located corner of Lonsdale St. and Swanston St., Melbourne
Alternative sites we may visit or that you may wish to investigate are:
i) the Emporium, Melbourne.
ii) Southern Cross Station, Melbourne.
iii) the Melbourne Convention Centre.
iv) Federation Square, Melbourne.

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Assignment Solution


This assignment aims at providing information about field excursion to Melbourne. Two sites are discussed in the assignment where urban dynamics and change is required. The field excursion was for two days and it studied the two sites deeply. Melbourne, Australia is experiencing changes in climate predicted from 2030 to 2050 that will hamper the water sector. The city is following various methods to deal with the issues that might come up due to water shortage. The city is being planned in such a way that the issues related to drought can be resolved. Various approaches are being followed in planning a new urban development to increase effectiveness.


Melbourne is capital of Victoria and is the second largest city of Australia. In 1842, Melbourne was built-in as a town. The city is a major business centre for many people and it has headquarters many large companies of Australia. The city has world-class theatres, Museum, art galleries, shopping malls and various sporting facilities. It is also famous for parks and gardens. The city is ranked as world's most liveable cities. The field trip was for two days and two sites were observed properly in this time.


The first site visited was Carlton United Breweries that was located in NW corner of Swanston St. and Victoria St. This site is of historical, architectural and technical importance to the state of Victoria. Carlton United Breweries produces most successful beverages of Australia. The various products produced in the brewery are Carlton Black, Carlton Draught, NT Draught, Pure Blonde, UB Gold, Victoria Bitter, Foster's lager, Crown Lager and many more. Carlton United Breweries has an onsite wastewater treatment plant and onsite recycled water production at a very good cost, which reduced the need to purchase water, reduces trade waste discharge and produced a higher quality of water. This brewery is leading its way internationally to demonstrate the world's best practice of consumption of water. Carlton United Breweries treated its own industrial effluents onsite so that the charges required for expansion of local treatment plan could be avoided. In 2005, it doubled the onsite effluent plant so that double production could be done. In the condition of drought, Carlton United Breweries was paying for water as well as for trade waste discharge so it invested in water recycling plant. The brewery process produces 3.4-4.3 MC/d of liquid trade waste out of which 65% is treated and reused as process water. The average rate at which the recycled water is produced is 1.5-2 MC/d. The leftover water is used to cool towers, feed boilers, in the process of pasteurization, vessel pre-cleaning, washing floors, in toilet flushes and for irrigation. The plant only recycles the effluents from the process of the brewery. The human effluent goes to the standard sewer line. Carlton United Breweries' decision to treat its effluents onsite in the year 1993 led to various advantages. The treatment of wastewater was not a part of the core business of Carlton United Brewery. There were a lot of uncertainties about the technology to be used for recycling but the internal space compromised with all the uncertainties and took the risk to do this and they were finally successful in its implementation (Australian Government – Bureau of Meteorology, 2010).

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