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Assessment Type

Research Plan

Word Count

5000 words


IT Research Plan


7 Days

Assignment Criteria

The report will consist of at least the following: 

1) Website Plan (5 marks)

a) Clearly identify the goals of the business (0.5 marks), target market and demand (0.5 marks), and specific objectives of the website (1 mark) for an improved e-business solution. (2 marks) 

b) Provide a reliable analysis of needs, which must include both business and stakeholder requirements for the use of the website as an improvement of their e-business solution. (2 marks) 

c) Identify appropriate metrics to measure objectives of the website. (1 mark) 

2) Website Development (7 marks) 

d) Detail the system development lifecycle for the website: requires a methodology description (1 mark), followed by justification of the chosen methodology (1 mark). 

e) Provide clear reasons for choices made for the following aspects, and report limitations inherent in these choices (0.5 marks each = 5 marks): i) development tools and PHP/scripting language(s). 

ii) payment systems. 

iii) database. 

iv) security and privacy management. 

v) ethical and legal implications. 

vi) customer service and communications. 

vii) website style and aesthetic design. 

viii) website structure. 

ix) inclusions (e.g. media, links, community, documentation). 

x) compatibility and scalability. 

(5 marks) 

3) Report Presentation (2 marks) 

f) The report will address the following qualitative features/concerns (0.5 marks each): i) a title page and table of contents, and lists of tables/figures, as required. 

ii) appropriate use of headings, tables/graphs/images, appendices and references. 

iii) correct spelling and grammar throughout report. 

  1. iv) logical structure to the report – complete, consistent and comprehensible.

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Assignment Solution

Website Plan

For any organisation or business, planning is an integral aspect of business operations. In order to successfully develop and launch a new website, the website planning is extremely important.

Goals of the business

The goal of the business is to offer peer to peer crowd shipping platform to users. This will help to improve the competitive positioning of Meemeep by acquiring potential customers and bringing about efficiencies in business processes. The benefit of the crowd shipping model is that it does not need the heavy infrastructure for vehicle fleets, warehouse, employed drivers and fuel expenses that traditional logistics organisation pay for managing the organisation (Stieglitz & Brockmann, 2013). In spite, they implement technology to produce access to an abundant heavy mean of underutilised infrastructure to generate a powerful, cost-effective and new logistics system. Meemeep provides flexible package delivery at a reasonable price. It regulates on the basis of connecting users who transfer from one place to another place of individuals who really need their packages to be transferred (Stieglitz, Brockmann,2013).

Target Market and demand

The target market will be the retail segment that makes high use of technology. Anyone with mobile and/or access to the internet will be able to access the mobile-based platform of peer-to-peer crowd shipping platform of Meemeep (Unico,2012). The peer-to-peer offering of crowd shipping business targets, individuals who want to send items to different places. A match is made between the sender and the traveller who is visiting the destined place to carry the parcel. The demand for such peer to peer crowd shipping platforms is expected to rapidly increase due to the reduction in cost and convenience to users.

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