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Yabun Festival Case Study

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Assessment Type

Case Study

Word Count

1500 words


Event Management


2 Days

Assignment Criteria

Task description:

From the events identified in assignment one, select one event to attend and evaluate.

The event must be of, either a cultural, sporting, or business nature. A mega-event cannot be selected for this assessment task. You will need to choose an event in your local area that you can attend during the semester in order to complete Assessment 3.

Using report format and style describe and analyse the planning intentions of the event in regard to the:

  • Purpose, goals and objectives of the event;
  • Event program, location, and duration;
  • Community and corporate stakeholder relationships
  • Governance
  • Expected event impacts

You can obtain this information from the event website, by speaking to the event organiser, through personal observation as well as online and secondary research. You do not need to have attended the event in order to write assignment 2 however you must be able to attend the event before completing assignment 3.

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Assignment Solution


Indigenous communities have adopted cultural festivals as a measure to develop a constructive and helpful space for themselves, fulfilling their need for recognition and respect as distinguished cultural entities (Slater 2016).  Indigenous cultural festivals are modernised events of the original traditional ceremonies which are currently organised in liberal Australia. The purpose of these events is to maintain and strengthen the integrity of the indigenous culture.  These events serve as a platform to recognise culture as a complex entity in the modern world. This report focuses on the Yabun Festival celebrated by the Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders as a survival day event (GIS 2016). Yabun includes music, arts and panel discussions that aim to complement the negative connotation associated with the Australia Day with the celebration of Aboriginal culture and showcase talents from across Australia.

1. Purpose Goals and Objectives of the Event

Yabun Festival (Yabun) is part of a tradition involving the ‘Survival Day’ gatherings which are held to coincide with Australia Day dating back to as early as the 1930’s to honour, recognise, and celebrate the survival of the country’s indigenous cultures during the European invasion (Yabun 2016). Yabun offers an encouraging social space for attendees to observe, share, and enjoy the traditions of the world's oldest surviving culture. It is a freely accessible, drug and alcohol-free event that targets to highlight the diversity of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander cultures through performances and food. It is a free celebratory event open to the public involved in community support and engagement (KooriRadio 2016). It offers an opportunity for Australians from different backgrounds to meet, socialise and celebrate Aboriginal culture through the spirit of unity in diversity and mutual respect.

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders observe Yabun as a day to be proud of their culture, which is shown to others for the view (FBiRadio 2014). The key message from this event is that indigenous culture is as effervescent, lively and sturdy as ever.  Yabun's coincidence with Australia Day sends a message to the public about the actual meaning of the day as indigenous people consider it as survival or invasion day.

It is considered a day to be reminded of the culture. This festival has evolved to become a place for different communities and organisations to work together and discuss topical issues affecting Aboriginal people and acts as a space for an inter-generational discussion about issues affecting the future generations (OurMob 2015). Though the intentions of festival attendees range from music, dance, food, or debate, organisers have created a positive, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

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