Argumentative essay-Types of Essays

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Argumentative Essay – Types of Essays

Argumentative essays are those in which the writer’s can show that his allegation about some event or incident is more appropriate than others. In this type of essay, the writer’s not only provides information about the topic ,but also creates an argument with the supporting and the opposing theories of the topic. The writer should clearly take his stand either by supporting or opposing the topic and convince the conflicting reader to support his judgement. It is a fashion of writing in which the writer has to inspect a topic, accumulate, produce and judge the proofs and set up a point on the topic. The main aim of an argumentative essay is to influence the readers to change their beliefs which they do not want to. The writer normally uses various controversial points to prove his opinion.

The art of creating disputation through your writing is not an easy job. Many people might think that if someone has an opinion, then the other will definitely argue with his opinion but this is not the case. Argumentative writing explains the process of your reasoning and without explaining, you do not have a dispute.

We are all used to some form of argumentation in our daily life. We have used different ways of confirming to proof our approach, though they may not be a formal way, but these methods of influencing form the base of argumentative essays. You do not have to fully confirm your opinion, but to only persuade your readers that your argument has value and it is more correct than other contending arguments.

Features of a good argumentative essay

  • Establishing information for backing an argument.
  • Clarifying the applicable points.
  • Arranging and editing the facts.
  • Having the confidence to persuade your readers.
  • Declaring the conclusion.

How to choose a good topic for an Argumentative essay?

A good topic for an argumentative writing is the one which has two contradictory aspects or very dissimilar outcomes. The writer not only should have a firm interest in the topic, but also should have powerful proof to back up his opinion. Then only he can write a good argumentative essay.

How to write an Argumentative essay?

One you have decided the topic and gathered all necessary evidences for both sides of the topic, you can start to art your essay.

Like other types of essays, an Argumentative essay should also contain three parts: 1. Introduction, 2.Body and 3.Conclusion.

  1. Introduction

The first paragraph of an argumentative essay should contain a brief explanation of the topic. It should also give some detailed history of your topic. The introduction must be attractive enough to keep your readers connected so that they do not leave without reading your essay. In order to connect your opinion to what you ultimately what to prove is by giving your thesis statement. The thesis statement generally describes what you want to prove and gives a synopsis of your disputes that you will make in the body paragraphs. It is the last sentence of the introduction paragraph.

  1. Body

The body paragraphs explain the evidences to support your thesis statement. The number of paragraphs in the body depends on the topic and the length of the essay. Each paragraph should be restricted to the explanation of one supporting opinion. This improves the clarity of the essay and also creates an ease of readability. But the writer always needs to keep a logical connection between the body paragraphs and the thesis statement. It is also important to explain how and why the evidence supports the thesis.

For a good argumentative essay, the writer has to discuss both the sides of the controversy. The conflicting opinions of the topic should be discussed in different paragraphs of the body. After describing the “other” side, the writer should give his point of view and provide proofs why his side is the correct one.

There are several ways of organizing the supporting and the opposing opinions on the topic.

Argumentative essay needs well-researched, precise, accurate, and recent information to back up the thesis statement. The writer needs to provide some facts, logics, statistics, or anecdotal evidences where appropriate and also should define in words to support the thesis. Finally, the last line of the body paragraph explains how your evidences prove your opinion.

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  1. Conclusion

This is the part where the writer has to struggle a bit. This part must leave the most instant impact on the reader’s mind so it should be effective and logical. Summarize the information provided in the body of the essay. Restate the importance of the topic by reviewing the main points and the thesis.

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There is one similarity between the argumentative and narrative essay  is that both essays take the reader down a path. In a narrative essay, that path is generally personal to the writer, whereas an argumentative essay usually takes the impersonal way by using evidences.

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Here are few examples of Argumentative essays

  • Good and bad teachers
  • Slavery
  • Games and violence
  • Fashion and Identity
  • Negative effects of television
  • Is money an effective motivator at work?


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