10 Reasons Why It Is Difficult For Indian Guys To Impress Aussie Girls

by Bella Williams June 19, 2020

Is there an Aussie girl you have recently met and want to ask her out? Well, if you have tried and failed in doing so, try these techniques for a better luck next time.

1) It’s natural for Indian guys to speak out loud!


The first thing your crush will notice is your communication skills apart from your looks. Aussie girls usually dislike men who speak loudly. So, unless you are a Brad Pitt look-alike, you need to tame your pitch and rather be sensitive in your approach. After all, you cannot afford to turn them down, every time you get to make an impression.

Tame your pitch and Rather be sensitive


2) Forced adaptation to a new country

indian student abroad

As studying in Australia is a completely new experience for many Indian students, they quite often have to blend into the culture which is different from their own on several counts. This is where many Indian men who have approached me, got it all wrong. We love it when the personality of the guy sounds real and is natural to himself. So, one should try to be someone who is simply confident about himself.

3) Too aggressive in your approach 👿

horny indian guy

It may be expected from a man to be aggressive in other social set-ups, but it definitely does not work with women in Australia. Take it slow and find a witty way to interact with them and break the ice. Work on good ideas to strike a new conversation, thereby making it look real. You should also be aware of the urban dictionary for Aussie slangs or colloquial vocabulary. Some of them are “Uni” for University, “Chrissy” for Christmas, “barbie” for barbecue, and the like. At the same time, any show-offs regarding your social status or how rich you are can completely go against your success in landing a date.

4) Gaudy or too casual dressing makes no sense

overdressed indian

It’s not necessary to dress in the best manner possible, but dressing smart and neat goes a long way. It speaks a lot about a guy’s habits and hygiene irrespective of where you belong. However, there are varied responses from women in Australia as to what they would expect their date to be in. One can say for sure, be dressed as good as the girl you are approaching for a date. Do some homework, get some trendy yet cheap dresses from online or garage sales and start hunting. At the end of the day, you would still need a swagger to nail it.

5) Always part of an Indian gang?


Does your gang have any local students? If not, then you are losing a big opportunity to peep into the local culture and of course, local girls. Also, one should try mixing with other people outside your group, be it your hostel, neighbour or the local store. Already doing that? If it’s a Yes, then it’s time to get your game right and gel up with other happening groups on your campus. Check out Meetup groups based on your interest and attend them on their own. Single guys are easier to approach than when you are in a group. You can also look for groups which make more sense to you like the Meetup group for singles in Melbourne. When it’s getting already difficult for you, why make it any more difficult for the girls to approach you? 😛

P.S. Do not detach completely from your current group. After all, it defines your choice and who you are.

6) Have an empty couch at your residence, but no guests?

bra on an empty couch

If you have an empty couch that you can share with others for free or for a charge, then websites like Couchsurfing.com and Airbnb.com are perfect for you. You can share your empty couch to travellers and get to know more people. An important tip here, while travelling a person is more likely to get laid than at her hometown. BusinessInsider has covered an interesting couchsurfing story of Ricardo G. illustrating how he used Couchsurfing as a perfect hook up app.

7) Coffee??? hate that thing!

Australians love their coffee, so if you ever land an Aussie date, there are high chances it will be in the day & you will be sitting across her with two coffee mugs in between. It’s important you know all about Australian coffee and learn how to select the right coffee. Know what you order and you are a man with a good choice.

8) Afraid of C*ckblockers?

When you are in a pub, are you afraid of men, who might offend you, if you approach one of the girls in their group? If true, then your concern is not entirely misplaced. The best way to tackle such scenarios is to be very gentle in approaching a girl on the counter. Use humour to your advantage and try to get rid of any unwanted steam, with a grin on your face. Just back down, and move along. If you play it well, the girl might defend you as well. 😀 Once you have made her laugh a couple of times, you can go ahead and offer a drink to her. You would soon get one offered to you on her behalf. Be comfortable with splitting bills at the end of the party or date.


Tame your pitch and Rather be sensitive.


9) Uncomfortable with dancing? 

Ausie women love the dudes who know a few moves and are confident to ask a girl for dance. This makes them special and cared for. Even other girls would be interested to get in touch after you are done. Learn a few basic salsa moves from any of your friends or get some classes. It would definitely pay off. Still, if dancing is not your game at all, you can try your hands with any musical intrument which you can play in social gatherings.

10) You think Aussie girls are only born to get laid?

easy A scene

Many guys take the outgoing and free nature of aussie women as someone who is okay with getting laid anytime. No matter, how funny it may sound to me as an Aussie woman myself, the fact is the reality is quite opposite to what many dudes think. Girls in Australia are quite emotional & conscious about how they are respected by others. Most of them are feminists and love to see some respect in your eyes. So, one must show that you are patient and ready to go far in making up to her expectations. It might be difficult to woo them with your chemistry, but they are also known for low LMR (“Last minute Resistance“).

If after trying everything you failed to impress your dream girl, then make sure she does not have a girlfriend. Not true? Don’t lose heart! You can always befriend exchange students from Europe, South-east Asia & Latin America. 😀

write assignment

You need to have a cocktail of emotion, healthy flirting, sharp humor, good personality, heavy wallet and so on to impress the blonde of your choice. Uh! Tough isn’t it? Go grab a beer and get a good sleep boy. And when you get up from the sleep make sure you complete your assignment first, if you want to avoid getting humiliated by the class teacher in front of your would-be-princess.

Prankish Note: The above content has no skewed views on any particular person or community. We apologize in case we have unintentionally hurt your sentiments. This is purely for laughs😀 Thanks to my Indian friends who helped me with images and their own dating stories to spice it up. I am myself dated quite a few Indian guys & have loved my experience so far. 😛

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